Quantafuel partners up with Ramboll to industrialise its unique and proprietary catalyst technology on a global scale

28 August 2020
Ramboll has been selected by Norwegian-based company Quantafuel to perform a FEED study for a new plastic-to-liquid plant on a currently undisclosed site in Denmark. The plant will be the second of its kind in Denmark and it will produce environmentally friendly chemical components from plastic waste.
Plastic-to-liquid plant in Skive, Denmark.

Plastic-to-liquid plant in Skive, Denmark.


Søren Eg Hansen, Ramboll Oil & Gas. Senior Project Manager

Søren Eg Hansen

B.Sc., mechanical eng., Director, Projects Department
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The ambition for the new plant is to source plastic waste from local suppliers to produce environmentally friendly chemical components that will serve the plastic industry, and ultimately increase the recycled content in packaging plastics. The process is based on a unique proven technology that uses catalyst systems to crack pyrolysis gas. The output materials are distilled into valuable products such as high-quality naphtha – a crucial component in the production of plastics - for the recycling plastic industry. Ramboll will provide consultancy services on all development and engineering aspects and will act as a partner for industrialising Quantafuel’s technology on a global scale.

“Ramboll has a strong global presence and a well-established service offering that stood out from the other competitors. We believe that their experience in oil & gas, process, and waste handling will bring valuable insights on how to industrialise our unique catalyst technology and reduce the environmental impact produced by plastic waste”, says Kjetil Bøhn, CEO of Quantafuel.

Currently, plastic waste is a growing environmental issue with 5 to 13 million tonnes of plastic ending up in landfills and nature. With the plastic production increasing by approximately 4% every year, most of the countries worldwide are moving towards sorting, reusing, recycling and energy recovery. For example, the EU has set a binding target that no more than 10% of household waste shall be deposited in landfills by 2030. 

Utilising circular economy as a core principle for its unique catalyst technology, Quantafuel’s reuse of plastic to produce high-quality chemical components will not only significantly contribute to a better environment but will also be complementary to traditional mechanical plastic recycling. With the FEED study coming up, Quantafuel and Ramboll will look at the aspects of standardising a design that can be used to build more plastic-to-liquid plants across Europe in the future. 

“Our teams in Norway and Denmark have put great effort into showcasing our multidisciplinary capabilities and we are proud that Quantafuel has selected us as its partner for industrialising their unique technology on a global scale. We have worked in the oil & gas industry for more than 50 years accumulating extensive knowledge that we are now able to apply in a more sustainable context. It shows that, even though the energy industry is moving towards a greener direction, our oil & gas competences and experience remain valuable and relevant”, says John Sørensen, Executive Director at Ramboll.


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