Ramboll acquires French climate change consultancy TEC Conseil

19 March 2019

The Ramboll Group has acquired the French climate change consultancy TEC Conseil. With the acquisition, Ramboll now has more than 100 experts in France and 15,000 globally.

Fred Hamilton

Frederic Hamilton

Managing Principal
T: +33 44290 7496

Founded in 2001, TEC provides consultancy services to the public and private sector and develops methods to support climate research and climate change adaptation.

“The acquisition of TEC brings additional climate change mitigation and adaptation expertise to our sustainability offering and is an exciting step forward in Ramboll’s strategy to grow our sustainability profile,” says Ramboll’s Environment & Health Division President, Steve Laking. 

“We are pleased to empower TEC to continue its important work on climate change and climate change policy, as well as integrating its climate change expertise with our air quality services, contributing towards the diversification of our business in France,” says Frederic Hamilton, Ramboll France’s Managing Principal.

TEC is currently working on projects such as the EU-funded Copernicus Climate Change Service and the Horizon 2020 European framework programme. It also works for clients, ranging from local authorities to large donors like the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the German Development Agency (GIZ) or the French Development Agency (AFD).

Ghislain Dubois, TEC’s founder says, “Climate change is a game-changer, potentially affecting most human activities, including in Ramboll’s core areas such as the environment, water, building, transport, energy, planning and management. There is a need for innovative and dedicated engineering solutions to enable us to adapt and mitigate its effects. TEC is committed to working towards resilient and low-carbon societies, and we are delighted to join with Ramboll to work towards this aim.”

*Photo L-R: Frederic Hamilton - Managing Principal, Ramboll France. Ghislain Dubois - Director, TEC Conseil. Steve Laking - Ramboll Environment & Health Europe & Africa Division President.

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