Ramboll and Pöyry win large road engineering project

10 November 2014
The two consultancies have been awarded a road engineering assignment for an upgrade of Highway No. 6 section in Finland.


Peter Molin

Director, Transport
M: +358 40 752 3667

The Finnish Transport Agency has awarded a design consortium, comprising of Ramboll and Pöyry, with the detailed design assignment for the upgrade of Highway 6 between Taavetti and Lappeenranta in Finland. The project will be carried out in an alliance whereby the customer, engineers and contractor work jointly in the execution phase.

The assignment covers a 28 km route including 12 km of new road, three new interchanges and the upgrade of one existing interchange, acoustic screening and ground water protection. The Taavetti-Lappeenranta section upgrade will improve traffic flow by increasing road capacity by two lanes. Safety will be improved by the introduction of a central barrier. The cost estimate of the project is EUR 76 million.

- We are pleased to be part of this pioneering project, which is a new way of collaboration that will ultimately benefit road users, says Project Manager Peter Molin from Ramboll.

Long track record in traffic infrastructure

The strong engineering capabilities of both Ramboll and Pöyry are based on their experience and long-term collaboration in various traffic infrastructure projects. In this project, the core of the approach consists of infrastructure modelling in which both consulting companies have solid experience.

- Pöyry’s and Ramboll’s wide-ranging experience in the transportation industry makes them good partners for us. I look forward to our collaborative alliance in this significant project that will be carried out in an innovative way, says Project Manager Harri Liikanen from the Finnish Transport Agency.

- In accordance to the alliance project model, the financial success of all parties depends on the project being successful. This in part guarantees that everyone has a strong interest in advancing the project, says Mikko Inkala, Pöyry’s President of Infrastructure Design in Finland.

The project will commence in November 2014 with completion by 2018. The Finnish Transport Agency will select the project contractor in March 2015. The development phase will start immediately after this with construction in the autumn of 2015.

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