Ramboll’s expanded sediment management services go to market

23 January 2019
We will highlight our expanded capabilities with more than 30 papers and posters on sustainable sediment management at the Battelle Sediments Conference this February.

Many of the world’s waterbodies and wildlife habitats are damaged by contaminated sediments, and as the trend toward urbanization continues, finding innovative and cost-effective restoration and remediation approaches will become more important than ever.  

Ramboll has been a global leader in sustainable sediment management for more than 30 years. We have extensive expertise in planning, implementation and oversight of investigation, assessment, remediation and restoration of ports and waterways challenged by navigability concerns and contaminated sediments. Our experts apply several sediment management practices and technologies, including dredging, in situ capping, solidification, stabilization, thermal treatment, upland disposal and confined aquatic disposal.

With the addition of more than 200 new Environment & Health experts through our OBG merger in January, we are now able to support the full sediment management lifecycle through expanded site-related services, including detailed design, construction, and operation and maintenance.

Bringing our expertise to Battelle

Our experts will showcase our sustainable sediment management solutions at the Battelle Tenth International Conference on Remediation and Management of Contaminated Sediments in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, 11-14 February. 

Together with our new colleagues from OBG, we have co-authored more than 30 papers and posters at the conference. In addition to chairing four sessions, our experts are leading a short course on in situ solidification and moderating Thursday’s roundtable discussion on dredging. Principal Victor Magar will also participate in the closing roundtable presentation. 

“With participation in over 30 sessions at this year’s conference, we are giving the industry a hearty introduction to our enhanced services,” Victor said. “We look forward to further synergies with our new colleagues and continuing to provide sustainable solutions to our clients’ most challenging sediment management issues.”

Meet us at booths 214 (Ramboll) and 230 (OBG, Part of Ramboll) in the exhibit hall.


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