New Master Service Agreement with Statoil

30 June 2016
Ramboll recently signed a Master Service Agreement (MSA) with Statoil to deliver multidisciplinary insights to the industry giant. The scope of work covers oil and gas, renewables / wind, power generation and transmission, civil engineering and environmental services.
Troll A

Troll A


Dag A. Nilsen, Ramboll Oil & Gas

Dag A. Nilsen

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Reconfirming ties with Statoil

The new MSA is a reinforcement of previous agreements that are now all listed under the same contract with additional services attached, primarily including civil work, pipeline technology, multi-discipline engineering, electrical power systems, safety and environmental technology.

Senior Director for Offshore Pipelines, Subsea and Jackets at Ramboll Oil & Gas, Henrik Juhl, says:

“Ramboll and Statoil have been working closely for a long time. The new MSA showcases a multifaceted scope of work and expands our roles and responsibilities. With deeper involvement in the forthcoming projects, I believe that our interdisciplinary mode of investigating different challenges will have a positive impact on Ramboll’s extended partnership with Statoil.”  

Dynamic knowledge integration

Ramboll Oil & Gas and Ramboll Energy are part of the Global Account Management (GAM) and together will cooperate with Statoil on the new MSA.

Senior Director at Ramboll Energy, Klaus Jacob Jensen, adds:

“Statoil is a highly technology driven company and we are very keen on further expanding the collaboration with our colleagues at the Ramboll Oil & Gas business unit. A combined effort increases the ability to deliver competent results and I am confident that our joint knowledge will add great value to the client.”

Selected projects for Statoil

Johan Sverdrup

Working on one of the largest oil discoveries in Norwegian history

Statoil awarded Ramboll a feasibility study for their Johan Sverdrup field development project with the purpose of developing feasible concepts for minimum-facility platforms.

Oseberg platform

Oseberg field development - UWP concept study

Unmanned minimum-facility platforms are a cost-effective alternative to subsea production systems. Statoil contracted Ramboll to carry out a study on an unmanned wellhead platform (UWP) for their Oseberg field.

Gina Krog visualisation

FEED and detailed design for Gina Krog subsea pipelines

As part of the development of the Sleipner area, Statoil planned to utilise existing process and export facilities for production from satellite platforms. Statoil selected Ramboll to perform  FEED and detailed engineering of subsea pipelines to the satellite field, Gina Krog.

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