Ramboll divests Attractor to Mannaz

13 December 2016
As of 1 January 2017 Mannaz acquires the Danish consultancy and training course company Attractor, which is currently part of the global engineering company Rambøll Group.

In January Ramboll Group launches a new corporate strategy. This means that 2016 has featured a number of strategic discussions, and it is already clear that the special course operation is no longer part of the core business of Ramboll's consultancy division. Therefore, the Danish unit for systemic training and consulting services, better known as Attractor, is being divested to Mannaz.

“We know Mannaz as a strong provider of leadership and project development services at Ramboll, and furthermore, Mannaz is owned by the Danish engineering association IDA. As such, at a time when the industry needs a strong, serious contender, we could not imagine a better place for our leadership development, HR and training activities than with Mannaz”, says Tonny Johansen, Managing Director of Ramboll’s consultancy division.

For the Mannaz, Attractor is an obvious and safe choice:

“Attractor is an ideal partner for Mannaz. The company has established a strong position within organisational and leadership development as well as process consultation in the Danish market both in terms of consulting services and training courses. Attractor has a highly professional integrity and offers quality in their deliveries, with a client portfolio that makes them an attractive partner for both public and private companies. These elements combined with Mannaz’ strong global profile and reach will give us a unique position in the Danish market”, says Claus Rydkjær, CEO of Mannaz.


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