Ramboll in major subway project in Stockholm

26 September 2014
The new subway line between Akalla and Barkarby station is one of Stockholm’s most important infrastructure projects. In a partnership with Tyréns and White architects, Ramboll has been chosen by Stockholm’s Country Council to conduct a large assignment in the project valued at SEK 250 million.

Ramboll, Tyréns and White have won the prestigious project to jointly investigate and plan the expansion of Stockholm’s new subway line between Akalla and Barkarby station. The assignment is valued at SEK 250 million and includes conceptual design document, railway, environmental impact assessments and construction document.

Stimulating regional growth

The project kicks off immediately with construction to begin in autumn 2016, and the new line is scheduled to open to traffic around 2021. The time schedule is tight, while there are several stakeholders to consider and high expectations from society and Stockholm’s Country Council.

- We are pleased and proud. This is a project in line with our strategy to expand in the community development sector. It is important for us to develop cities where travelling and commuting is easy and convenient. That’s a fundamental condition for stimulating growth in the Stockholm region, says Patrik Schelin, Senior Director in Ramboll.

Coordination and communication is key

- An important part of this assignment is the coordination of the consultation process and the municipal process to ensure that they run parallel, says Cecilia Granath, Regional Manager East in Tyréns, before she continues:

- It is an important task in terms of planning and communication. We will identify and address the major issues in early stages to enable and clarify important decisions that will be of great significance in creating the best opportunities for this important construction project.

Dag Zerne, Architect and Vice Office Manager at White architects:

“We are planning the design of the new subway stations including waiting halls, lobbies and entries. Our work as architects will affect people’s experiences of the public transportation. This means that we play a central part in the project,” he says.

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