Copenhagen and Ramboll inspire urban liveability

12 December 2014
On December 9, city leaders and inspirators joined forces in Copenhagen at the Realising Liveable Cities conference to debate sustainable urban development, and to find a common approach towards the COP21 climate summit in Paris next year.


Jesper Fabricius

Jesper Fabricius

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The conference set liveable cities on the agenda as part of the Green Capital Days initiative hosted by the City of Copenhagen to celebrate Copenhagen’s year as European Green Capital 2014.

Ramboll’s “Realising Liveable Cities” conference laid the basis for a discussion on how to develop liveable cities and address important future urban dilemmas. City and business leaders and civil society organisations got the chance to share key learnings and visions and answer questions from an engaged audience of more than 250 people.

Collaboration and holistic solutions are key

Copenhagen’s green initiatives and projects were showcased to promote liveability and inspire green solutions in other cities internationally. Also, Ramboll shared its key findings on current urban development projects in Jeddah and the Arctic.

The need for long-term, holistic solutions and the collaboration between stakeholders were the permeated key message throughout the day.

- Liveability is never an end product, it’s a process. Leaders have to work together, share visions and give hope to the next generations. Involvement and participation are everything when it comes to making the world liveable, said Herbert Dreiseitl, Director of Liveable Cities Lab in Ramboll.

A call for ambitious actions

Representatives from Europe’s green frontrunner cities, international clean-tech companies and global city network organisations gathered to debate a common approach towards COP21. Among the participants were Jens-Peter Saul, Ramboll Group CEO, Morten Kabell, Mayor for Technical and Environmental Affairs at the City of Copenhagen and Mark Watts, Executive Director at C40, the Cities Climate Leadership Group. Together, the participants called for national governments to take ambitious action, and to facilitate the continued effort of cities and industries to find local solutions to address climate change.

- Cities act, collaborate and lead but can only reach their ambitious goals through visionary collaboration with industry partners and continued dismantling of national and international barriers to city legislation and initiatives reducing emissions, said Morten Kabell, Mayor for Technical and Environmental Affairs at City of Copenhagen.

Copenhagen strives towards becoming the world’s first carbon neutral capital by 2025, and the city is committed to reducing the global effects of climate change.

Quotes by key speakers

- A great city is not where the poor drive cars, but where the rich choose to use public transport, biking and walking, Mark Watts, Executive Director, C40.

- Liveability is about collaborating and building trust between people who ultimately don’t agree. Also, we need to turn our thinking into doing by bringing depths and dimensions into our discussions. You can’t meet anyone in a postcard, Olafur Eliasson, Artist.

- The human spirit can solve many issues. The problem arises when people don’t care about their own street before their own house is flooded, Can Seng Ooi, Professor, Copenhagen Business School.

- A city divided by rich and poor is not a liveable city. To realise liveability you need a high quality of life, sustainable urban cohesion and happiness, Morten Kabell, Mayor for Technical and Environmental Affairs, City of Copenhagen.

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