Ramboll is proud Gold Sponsor of the IWA Digital World Water Congress 2021

19 May 2021
The IWA Digital World Water Congress is the most important water event of the year. Register today and get inspired by virtual presentations and posters from all over the world including ten great contributions from Ramboll’s global group of water professionals. 
IWA Digital Word Water Congress

IWA Digital Word Water Congress


Anette Seger

Managing Director, Sweden
T: +46 (10) 6156329

René Hoeijmakers

Executive Director, Water
T: +31 683191061

The World Water Congress is one of the most important initiatives that gathers water professionals to share knowledge, discuss, and inspire to make a change in the world. 
This year’s congress will focus on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and is divided in 6 tracks: Water Utility Management, Wastewater treatment & resource recovery, Drinking water and potable reuse, City-scale planning & operations, Communities, communication & partnerships, Water resources & large-scale water management. 
Each track will address the most current topics and present the solutions we need to climate proof our water future – and Ramboll will be represented in several categories and contribute with 10 innovative and inspiring posters and presentations. See the list below for information on presenters.

The Digital World Water Congress will run from May 24 to June 4, 2021. Be part of the change and register for participation at https://digital.worldwatercongress.org/register/

Ramboll Water presenters:

  • Keeping Leakage Levels at Economic Levels by Leading Water Utilities in Denmark and The Netherlands
    By Cor Merks

  • Holistic Approach To Understanding And Reducing Poly - & Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Discharge
    By Janet B. Egli

  • Sustainable water supply and integrated water management
    By Lise Cold

  • Pingtan Island, Managed Aquifer Recharge
    By Jan Kürstein

  • Romanian Water Sector - Reforms Towards The Future
    By Silviu Stoica

  • A multi-criteria tool for comparing the sustainability of remedial actions towards soil and groundwater contamination
    By Dorthe Harrekilde

  • Methodology For Cloudburst Action Plans In Gothenburg Sweden
    By Mikaela Rudling

  • Soul of Norrebro
    By Thomas Kruse

  • Advanced hydraulic modeling & full-scale piloting of THM reductions throughout a regional water distribution system
    By Brian Edwards

  • Integrating Urban Renewal Into Cloudburst Management, Case Northwest Catchment, CPH
    By Gitte Schnipper

Access the full conference program.

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