Ramboll part of New European Bauhaus

22 December 2021
The European Commission has launched the so-called New European Bauhaus Initiative. The initiative is a collective effort to imagine and build a future that is sustainable, inclusive and beautiful. Ramboll has been chosen for supporting the incubation of the initiative.



Xavier Le Den

Market Director, Strategic Sustainability Consulting
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By Nikolas Rønholt

Bauhaus. Existing only 14 years, the German Bauhaus-school influenced the world with its far-sighted ideas on art, mass production and functional design in the 1920-ies.

Now, the European Commission aims to breathe new life into the Bauhuas way of thinking with the initiative “The New European Bauhaus”.

Marked a creative and interdisciplinary initiative, this new take provides an opportunity for experts from different backgrounds to come together to design future ways of living in a process that Ramboll’s Management Consulting division will oversee.

Enhancing quality of life

The aim is to combine sustainability inclusion and aesthetics in urban and building design to enhance quality of life while contributing to the transition towards a decarbonized and circular economy. Ramboll’s EU and sustainability expert, Director Xavier Le Den, explains:

- This is a very interesting field. Situated at the crossroads between art, culture, social inclusion, science and technology, the initiative essentially wants to bring the European Green Deal to cities and regions. Stressing both functionality, liveability and social inclusion this work is very close to our hearts.

A partnership project

With the European Commission having appointed Ramboll Management Consulting as coordinator of the entire project, Ramboll’s pool of experts will provide insights in the areas of sustainability, built environment, socio-economic assessment, and access to public funding. Ramboll-owned, acclaimed architects Henning Larsen also add their expertise just as partnering companies ICLEI, Volcano and Adelphi.

Concretely, Ramboll will provide technical assistance to around 20 project ideas from municipalities or regions that will be selected to be part of the initiative, if embracing the core values of the New European Bauhaus.

Ramboll’s will support the selected projects in delivering action plans for converting great ideas into a reality.

The New European Bauhaus initiative consists of three tracks, namely Design, Deliver, Disseminate, and will run until 2024.

Read more about the New European Bauhaus initiative or listen to President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, describe the project:



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