Ramboll provides launch pad for Finnish light rail

20 January 2015
Serving up to 100,000 passengers every weekday by 2040, the Raide-Jokeri light rail service is being planned between Helsinki and Espoo. Ramboll will develop the initial plan for the €280 million project jointly with WSP.
The Raide-Jokeri metro will run between Helsinki and Espoo

The Raide-Jokeri metro will run between Helsinki and Espoo


Pekka Kuorikoski

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Raide-Jokeri will be a dual-track light rail link between the Itäkeskus district in Helsinki and Keilaniemi in Espoo. A focus on smooth, uninterrupted service has been identified as one of the key design principles on the 25 km track.

Multi-faceted project plan

In addition to light-rail tracks, the project plan will include stations, connections, exchange stations, depot, and affected roads. These and other tasks will be carefully designed to provide robust data on costs, feasibility and impacts for proper decision-making. The project plan will serve as the basis for the construction design process.

- This vital cross-region service requires a rail link with a higher capacity and a higher service level. Raide-Jokeri will also significantly influence land use in the vicinity of the track in the near future, and this is in scope for the project plan as well, explains Pekka Kuorikoski, Project Manager at Ramboll.

Major upgrade of existing bus link

Featuring 32 stations, Raide-Jokeri will use modern trains to connect Finland’s two largest cities. The light rail will partially replace the Bussi-Jokeri, Helsinki's busiest bus service with 30,000 daily passengers.

- The project planning for Raide-Jokeri is a significant step in the implementation of the first express rail link in the Helsinki region. The rail project plays a key role in the delivery of a sustainable transport system in accordance with Helsinki's new master plan, says Heikki Hälvä, Project Manager at Helsinki's City Planning Department.

Raide-Jokeri is scheduled for completion in the early 2020s.

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