Ramboll strengthens its position in Finland with three acquisitions

1 November 2017

Ramboll has acquired two companies in Finland specialising in indoor air quality services and becomes a market leader. Third company acquired, an environmental consultancy, expands also company's digital service offering. 

Ramboll Head Office

Ramboll Head Office


Kari Onniselkä

Kari Onniselkä

Managing director, Finland
T: +358 40 595 0505

Karoliina Lehmusvirta

Head of Communications, Finland
T: +358 40 581 3710

On 31 October 2017, Ramboll acquired the business operations of TPA Andersson and Suomen Sisäilmakeskus. Both companies offer consultancy services related to indoor air quality. On 1 November 2017, Ramboll acquired ENW Management’s business operations consisting of environmental, occupational health, safety and quality services.

“Growth and renewal play a significant role in our strategy. These acquisitions enhance our expertise and reinforce our foothold in the new markets in Finland,” says Country Director Kari Onniselkä from Ramboll Finland.

Following the acquisition of ENW Management, Ramboll strengthens its position as Health and Safety service provider in Finland.  Through this acquisition, Ramboll will obtain a cloud based platform called Lawly through which companies can recognise and administer their legislative requirements.

The operations of small and large companies alike extend nowadays beyond borders of individual countries and the volume of regulatory obligations imposed by environmental and occupational health and safety requirements is on the increase. Thus, the demand for consultancy services in this sector will grow respectively.

“We want to play an active role in offering user-oriented and more efficient services to benefit our clients and society as a whole. Lawly will expand our digital service offering in the environmental and health business sector,” Onniselkä states.

These acquisitions will make Ramboll the market leader in offering indoor air quality services in Finland. The company will be able to provide cleanliness planning and management services to, for example, hospitals throughout the life cycle of the property.

The acquisitions will bring more than 40 new experts to Ramboll, and the company’s employee headcount in Finland will go up to 2,300.

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