Ramboll Village part of a modern and sustainable energy system

29 April 2019

The Ramboll Village, the new headquarters for Ramboll Finland, is a state-of-the-art smart building with distributed energy systems that make the built environment more sustainable. 

Ramboll Village

Ramboll Village

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Karoliina Lehmusvirta

Head of Communications, Finland
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Energy systems are changing rapidly, moving away from the large and centralised generation plants towards a decentralised and dynamic electrical grid made up of distributed energy resources. With its 19,000 square metres office space, the Ramboll Village will provide working stations for more than 1,000 of the company’s experts in the Helsinki area.

The building will be classified as best in class A, according to the new Finnish building code requirements (2018) for nearly zero energy buildings. 

The vision for the project has been to design an energy-efficient smart building that generates its own electricity. Nearly 90% of the building’s heating will be produced by a hybrid heat pump system that utilises geothermal energy, and the same system also produces up to 80% of the property’s need for cooling energy. 

“This allows us to use locally-produced energy. The energy produced by our solar panels will also be utilised for all the buildings electricity and energy production,” says project support and development director Kari Melander. 

“Besides having well-designed and highly efficient systems, we also need to ensure that we can maintain optimal working conditions. We constantly monitor how the systems work and make adjustments as needed,” Melander says. 

Healthy work environment

The new headquarters will guarantee a healthy work environment, emphasising indoor air quality. The materials and lighting solutions, as well as the acoustics, promote a healthy office space. 

Ramboll Village is a multifunctional office space with modern and versatile work and community spaces for Ramboll’s partners and clients as well as its own employees. Melander emphasises that the technological solutions will not limit the flexibility and usage requirements of the multifunctional office space. 

Energy efficiency a growing focus area 

Due to climate change, energy solutions is given priority in construction projects and there will be an increase in Ramboll Village-style energy solutions. 

“We are setting the trend here and I believe that the use of such local energy sources will increase in the future. The buildings’ energy efficiency and energy solutions will affect the value of properties,” Melander says. 

“We have of course also taken electric cars into account and considered the needs of cyclists too. Ramboll Village is for all of us and that is why employees participated in the planning with our designers. It is great that it is now finally complete, and we can enjoy our new top-level facilities.”

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