Ramboll reinforces the Hamnbanan railway

8 December 2016
The rail link to the largest port in the Nordics - Gothenburg, Sweden - needs more capacity for future goods transportation. Ramboll has been awarded a technically complicated part of the contract.

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The Port of Gothenburg is the largest port in the Nordics and a hub for freight traffic in Scandinavia. Hamnbanan is the rail link between the Port of Gothenburg and the rest of Sweden, and needs to be expanded to meet future needs. Ramboll was awarded the contract to develop the construction design documents for the implementation contract on the 1.9 kilometer stretch between Eriksberg and Pölsebo.

The stretch is to be converted from single track into double track rail traffic to ensure sufficient capacity for future goods transportation to and from the Port of Gothenburg and other industries in the Hisingen area. A key element of the assignment is to provide a reasonable situation for traffic and an acceptable impact on the environment while being cost effective.

Ramboll has been awarded the contract with Atkins acting as a subcontractor. It covers drafting the construction design documents for the implementation contract, along with construction site monitoring and providing assistance with the commissioning, connection and handover of the resulting infrastructure. This means that the team will deliver services in a variety of areas of technology, such as environmental, ground engineering, water, design, BIM, and risk and safety.

“We were awarded the project against fierce competition, as a result of a strong project management organisation and high scores for our way of describing how we intend to manage the project from start to finish. The project helps us achieve our ambition of being the leading consultant within infrastructure and urban planning in the Gothenburg region,” says Anders Wiktorson, Head of the Transport Division at Ramboll in Sweden.

More than half of the stretch of track between Eriksberg and Pölsebo will use a tunnel, passing through both rock and concrete. Support structures will be built to the east of the tunnel, in order to accommodate the height difference to the surrounding terrain. On the western side, high troughs will be built to increase safety and reduce noise for residents, and to reduce intrusion into the ground. The fact that the project will be built in an urban area makes it even more complicated.

“The project needs to take into account a tree issue in Krokängsparken, disruptive transports and secure accessibility and safety during the construction period,” says Per Åkesson, Business Area Manager at Ramboll Sweden:

“It is also important that the specifications that are defined for the contractor comply with environmental requirements, but do not restrict the contractor in terms of planning the construction phase effectively. In technical terms, it is a challenge to manage the groundwater levels and the settlement requirements in the transition between the various parts of the construction.”

The project will start immediately and the completed construction design documents will be delivered during 2018. The expansion of the stretch between Eriksberg and Pölsebo is expected to start in spring 2019 and to be completed during 2022.

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