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23 March 2020
Meeting the requirements for sustainable transport, Hyperloop has the potential of innovating and revolutionising our traditional transport systems. A group of engineering students at NTNU (Shift Hyperloop) are currently in the process of developing a new, green and efficient Hyperloop concept. As a partner of Shift Hyperloop, Ramboll functions as consultant on the project, providing the students with vital knowledge in shaping a new tomorrow.


Terje Dengerud

Terje Dengerud

Managing Director, Transport, Norway
T: +47 905 31 903

As a part of the annual SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition in California, Shift Hyperloop are in the process of designing and building a prototype vehicle in order to demonstrate technical feasibility and the environmental impact of the Hyperloop concept. The engineering students are hereby offered a unique opportunity for gaining hands-on experience with innovation in the transportation space.

"At Shift Hyperloop we truly believe in making the world of transportation cheaper, faster and sustainable, and we aim to do this while giving the best engineering students practical experience. The SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition 2020 is a continuation to the 4-year tradition of students pushing for a faster future", Jonathan S. Bognæs, CEO at Shift Hyperloop, says.

Pushing for a faster and more sustainable future, Shift Hyperloop deals with the urgent challenges tied to climate change. Although the concept of “Hyperloop” is not entirely new, a continuous belief regarding the project can be seen amongst consultant firms, including Ramboll, with the prospect of inventing the future of new and green mass transport.

"Ramboll and Shift share a common belief that green and efficient transportation is vital for a sustainable future. A connected world where a trip across large distances can be done quickly with near zero emissions. Together with the engineers of the future, we aim to enable sustainable development through innovative project solutions and practices", Terje Dengerud, Managing Director for Ramboll Transport in Norway, says.

The partnership between Shift and Ramboll is based on a mutual interest in sustainable innovation. Besides operating as a technical advisor on the project, Ramboll wants to invite bright minds to share sustainable ideas and solutions for the mass transport of tomorrow. The SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition will take place at the end of 2020, and Ramboll will continuously be a sparring partner to Shift Hyperloop, thereby encouraging young engineers to test and expand their knowledge and ideas in order to change future for the better.

Read more about Shift Hyperloop team here.

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