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21 February 2014
Take a look at Ramboll's new magazine and get urban insights from world leading experts.


Michael Rothenborg

Cross Media Editor
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Half of the world's inhabitants - close to 3.6 billion people - live in urban areas. The number is increasing steadily. How to make these cities sustainable and at the same time improve quality of life is therefore an essential global agenda today and in the years to come.

We have dedicated this first issue of Response to 'Liveable Cities'. Experts from around the world share their insights on how to create great cities for people to live and thrive in. Liveability is a concept with various meanings to various individuals. Depending on geography, cultural background and economic standard we all perceive good city life differently. Yet capitals like Helsinki and Copenhagen are internationally acknowledged for being green, clean and pleasant to live in. This is the result of decades of visionary, holistic urban planning and design.

Take a look at the magazine and get insights on how these solutions have been developed.

You can look forward to two more issues of Response in 2014.

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