Award-winning livable climate adaptation concept becomes reality

28 March 2018
The City of Copenhagen has granted the funds needed to implement ‘The Soul of Norrebro’, a project that averts flooding while creating a series of new, green urban spaces in the heart of this popular neighborhood.
Hans Tavsens Park, Nørrebro, Copenhagen

Hans Tavsens Park, Nørrebro, Copenhagen

Christian Nyerup Nielsen

Director, Climate Adaptation & Landscape
T: +45 5161 6277
Thomas Kruse

Thomas Kruse

T: +45 51615959

By Martin Zoffmann

The municipal authorities in Copenhagen recently decided to allocate a total sum of 55,2 Million DKK (approx. 7.5 M EURO) to the project Soul of Norrebro to match the funding from HOFOR (Greater Copenhagen Utilities) of expectedly around 100 MDKK.

This means that detailed design of the innovative project, which combines climate adaptation and urban planning with a strong social profile, will now be kicked off, starting with thorough involvement of local citizens and other stakeholders.

“The Soul of Norrebro will reduce flood-risk, boost social cohesion and create an attractive urban space. We therefore congratulate the Copenhageners with the politicians’ decision and look much forward to proceed with our part of this exciting project,” says Christian Nyerup Nielsen, Director, Climate Adaptation & Landscape, Ramboll Water.

The project team is led by SLA (the architects behind the visualisation on this page) - and includes, besides Ramboll, Arki_Lab, Social Action, Gadeidræt, Aydin Soei and Saunders Architecture.

Nature-based climate adaptation

The project centers on the renewal and climate adaptation of Hans Tavsens Park and Korsgade in Inner Norrebro in Copenhagen.

When implemented, the project will transform the park into a series of multifunctional rainwater catchment basins from which the excess rainwater is lead to the adjacent Korsgade street into The Copenhagen Lakes. On its way, the water will be purified biologically by city park greenery in Korsgade street.

”The project has the potential to become an international beacon, so we are looking forward to the task of uniting demands from the project owners and embed wishes from the local stakeholders,” says Thomas Kruse, Project Manager in Ramboll Water.  

In 2016 the project won the ‘Nordic Built Challenge’. According to the jury, the project “proposes a social process involving local stakeholders with the purpose of creating ownership, co-creativity and a sense of community” and “breaks new ground and has development and export potential though a smart application of technical, cultural and social values.”

The project will be ready in 2023

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