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24 May 2016
Visits to Ramboll Head Office from California, Helsinki and other places lead to increased collaboration about greener and more liveable cities.
The Stavanger delegation looking at high rise in Copenhagen

The Stavanger delegation looking at high rise in Copenhagen


Anne Merethe Skogland

Head of Department of Architecture and Spatial Planning
T: +47 97 10 50 99

By Fergus Wooler

A delegation from Stavanger’s ‘Green City’ network in Norway is the latest in a series of high profile visits to Ramboll Head Office to learn more about how to develop liveable and sustainable cities in practice.

Ramboll Group Director for Planning & Urban Design, Neel Strøbæk, points out that delegations from Helsinki and the US State of California have come to Ramboll Head Office in recent months and there are upcoming visits from Casablanca, Boston, and Vienna.

“Copenhagen has attracted global interest and recognition as a leader in urban liveability that other cities look to for inspiration. Ramboll has contributed to all aspects of Copenhagen’s sustainable development over many years including its transport, energy and ‘blue-green’ infrastructure as well as some of the city’s most iconic buildings. The Ramboll Group therefore actively facilitates visits by international delegations to present tangible examples of how to make liveability a reality – with a view to strengthening relationships with clients and generating business leads,” says Neel Strøbæk.
Previous visits by city delegations have already led to increased collaboration including the City of Helsinki requesting new environmental, geotechnical and municipal engineering assessments. Ramboll will also start new assignments in the urban development areas of Jätkäsaari  and Kruunuvuorenranta,  which are new landmarks in the growing Finnish capital.

The upcoming visit from Morocco is prompted by a plan to build a whole sustainable city – Zenata Eco City – near Casablanca, and the delegation is coming to learn from Ramboll’s global experience and best practices in urban master planning.

Leads to increased collaboration

Stavanger’s  ‘Green city’-network is led by the deputy mayor of Stavanger and comprises a network of developers, entrepreneurs, public administration and politicians that work to collaborate and enable environmental and sustainable urban development in the region.
Anne Merethe Skogland, Head of Department for Architecture and Spatial Planning in Ramboll Norway and member of the ‘Green City’ steering group, says, “I considered it important for our market to present Ramboll’s multidisciplinary expertise in sustainable planning. Our study tour to Copenhagen therefore provided a good opportunity to visit Ramboll and showcase our competences and best practice references.” Anne Merethe Skogland explains the purpose of the visit in this video:

During the visit, which was hosted by Managing Director for Ramboll Norway, Ole-Petter Thunes, and Neel Strøbæk the group heard presentations from experts in urban climate change adaptation and smart cities governance. This was followed by a tour of Ørestad and Sankt Annæ Plads in Copenhagen to show how the practical application of climate adaptation measures are contributing to liveability and growth through the creation of attractive ‘blue-green’ spaces. Visits to the Nordhavn district and the new Carlsberg City were also used to demonstrate how advanced sustainable practices can be successfully integrated into urban development strategies.

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Aerial photo of Nordhavnen, Copenhagen

Nordhavnen - international role model for sustainable urban development

With its unique positioning and an area covering the size of 625 football grounds, Nordhavnen (or Nordhavn) in Copenhagen, Denmark, is Scandinavia's largest and most ambitious city development project for the time being. The overriding vision for Nordhavnen is to become the sustainable city of the future.

First part of Carlsberg City

A new campus for the university college, UCC, as well as shops, offices and a 100-metre tall residential tower covering an area of 101.000m2 will be the first of 16 building zones, which together will form a rejuvenated district in central Copenhagen known as Carlsberg City.

Carlsberg station

Carlsberg sustainable urban development

It is the vision of Carlsberg Properties to create a new sustainable district in Copenhagen with housing, shops and office buildings in harmony with the historical old buildings and the neighbouring districts.

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