Ramboll launches Sustainability Learning Universe to upskill employees

11 May 2022
The company’s first ever sustainability e-learning initiative is available to all 16,500 employees globally, helping expand their skillsets and strengthen sustainability services to clients.  
The Sustainability Learning Universe is the first global sustainability training of its kind in Ramboll.

The Sustainability Learning Universe is the first global sustainability training of its kind in Ramboll.

Sarah Katz

Sarah Katz

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The Sustainability Learning Universe is the first global sustainability training of its kind in Ramboll. The training aims to expand sustainability and climate literacy among Ramboll’s employees, no matter their background or role in the company. It will also help employees translate their skills into sustainability dialogues with clients and foster clearer communication amongst the company’s multidisciplinary collaborators. 

“The new Sustainability Learning Universe will help Ramboll colleagues strategically upskill themselves on some of the most important issues facing the world right now,” says Michael Simmelsgaard, COO of Ramboll. “The unique e-learning experience allows each employee to curate their own sustainability learning path. I am excited to offer our employees more resources to build the careers they want, in a way that works for them.” 

Setting a strong foundation 

Ramboll is committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and recognises sustainability interest and issues differ across geographical and disciplinary boundaries.  

At Ramboll, employees have a diverse range of sustainability related expertise and experience that is applicable in a variety of end markets. The new learning universe intends to expand and relate their breadth of skills as sustainability services for clients, helping deliver on Ramboll’s strategy, The Partner for Sustainable Change

“Working globally with sustainable change as a multi-disciplinary [architecture, engineering, and consulting] company, it’s important to share the same narrative to effectively communicate our goals in different parts of our business,” says Neel Strøbæk, Senior Group Director Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility. “The Sustainability Learning Universe will make it easier to collaborate internally and with our clients and other stakeholders.” 

How the sustainability training works 

Each employee has access to six introductory modules, listed below, that form a basic sustainability training package.  

  • Introduction to sustainability in Ramboll  
  • Sustainability in Ramboll’s business strategy 
  • Sustainability in Ramboll’s project model 
  • Speaking to clients about sustainability  
  • Human rights and sustainability  
  • Environmental commitment and actions in Ramboll 

Each modules contains submodules which cater to different learning profiles within the company. These foundational courses will be expanded for each each of Ramboll’s business areas, with additional learning modules responding to the training needs in specific geographies and sectors. 

Course training is tailor made for Ramboll using an inhouse digital training platform, Incept Sustainability. Read more about the Incept platform here.

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