Sustainable harbour area finalist at World Architecture Festival

2 August 2016
A holistic climate adaptation project in Germany is among the world’s 10 finest pieces of landscape architecture.


Gerhard Hauber

Gerhard Hauber

Landscape Architect
T: +49 07551 9288-0

Offenbach Harbour is one amongst 10 international Finalists of the World Architecture Festival Award for 2016.

The sustainable city district by the Main River close to Frankfurt in Germany combines a modern look and feel with the charming rough past of the former industrial harbour. It is a finalist in the category “Landscape”.

The harbour forms the new urban focus with varied access to the water and multifunctional urban space. A promenade network connects the water to the more densely build-up area on one hand and to the new local park and regional river path on the other hand.

In the challenging environment of contaminated soil, a holistic stormwater management concept has been developed to create soft city spaces and streetscapes while retaining and cleansing stormwater before releasing it to the river and harbour. Innovative natural water treatment systems such as cleansing biotopes are integrated into the park spaces, and new natural habitats are created for riparian flora and fauna whilst being a refreshing green oasis for the city.

Offenbach Harbour is a pragmatic vision of how climate adaptation can be achieved in urban context creating attractive neighbourhoods through integrated engineering. The project has prequalified for the prestigious DGNB Gold for a sustainable city district, comparable to a LEEDS Platinum rating, a European first.

The project was carried out by Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl, part of Ramboll’s Global Practice for water with Schüßler Plan as local partner. The live judging will take place in Berlin on the 18th of November.

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