The future of sustainable offices

15 November 2019
Growing awareness of the speed, quality and environmental benefits of cross-laminated timber means that timber buildings are sprouting up across the world. Ramboll’s experts have contributed to Stora Enso’s new concept for constructing office buildings from wood.
Ramboll. Dalston Works. Image: Daniel Shearing.

Ramboll. Dalston Works. Image: Daniel Shearing.


Ramboll. Alan Dowdall.

Alan Dowdall

Technical Associate
T: +44 7870 809 244

Ramboll is one of the world’s leading Timber designers having worked with the material, including cross laminated timber (CLT) for almost 20 years and designed some of the biggest and tallest CLT buildings around the world for example Dalston Works.

Buildings and the construction sector are responsible for nearly 40% of annual global carbon emissions and close to one third of those emissions are embodied in the materials used in the construction of buildings. By using timber products like CLT in place of concrete we can substantially cut embodied carbon emissions while also providing a means of carbon capture.  Timber buildings will be a key solution for the sustainable society of the future.

“The concept is a collection of 5000 calculations that we have done of the last year or so. And it’s distilled into a couple of easily readable pages for anyone to pick up and use and be the guiding hand for a timber office building of any shape or size” Says Alan Dowdall, Structural Engineer and timber expert at Ramboll.

Learn more about what Alan and others have to say about the concept at the webcast for the digital launch of the Building Concepts by Stora Enso for offices. It happens on 19 November at 14:00 CET (13:00 GMT).

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