The Maritime industry will benefit from going green

13 May 2019

In recent years the focus on how businesses impact the climate has been on the rise. This is very much the case within the transport and maritime industries. A new report from Ramboll Management Consulting shows that even though a strong world economy is adding to the need of more goods being distributed it is possible for the two sectors to go from black to green industries.


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By Morten B. Lund

The transport and maritime industries are changing. While the world economy is growing, and the transport of goods is increasing due to global growth, there is also an increasing demand to reduce CO2 emissions. As a result, more and more companies in the transport and maritime industries are focusing on making their activities more sustainable and climate-friendly.

It might seem difficult, but it is in fact possible to make the industry more sustainable in a profitable way - according to the newly released Ramboll Maritime Outlook.

3 key areas enabling success

In the new edition of Ramboll Maritime Outlook it has been mapped what opportunities and initiatives that has been rolled by various stakeholders and how they have supported the transformation into a more climate friendly industry. 

The focus has been on the shipping industry and what impact these 3 key areas will have on business:

  • how the industry will change in relation to new legislation 
  • how ports can operate even better in urban areas
  • how digitalisation can positively influence the industry and the environment.

New technologies will be a cornerstone

According to Leif Laszlo Haaning, Business Manager at Ramboll Management Consulting the transport and shipping industry is under pressure to deliver on the green agenda and there is a need to" think out of the box "to reduce CO2 emissions. 

“Companies in the transport and maritime industries, ports and public authorities should embrace the green agenda and the new technologies. Utilising digital innovation could enable companies and authorities to address the green agenda and improve the business in a more sustainable way – in terms of both climate impact and economic growth", Leif Laszlo Haaning says.

About Ramboll Maritime Outlook

The publication is the second edition under the title "Ramboll Maritime Outlook". The first was released in April 2018 and was about general market trends towards 2030 in the maritime industry. See and download the first edition here.

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