9 December 2019
Once finished Tripla will have a total surface area of more than 350,000 gross square metres and form a modern, urban centre with a shopping centre, good public transportation connectivity, office space and residential buildings. 



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Tripla, is one of the most challenging construction projects in Finland and will be completed in stages from 2019-2020. Located in Pasila Helsinki, the brown field development is being built around a rail station and an area formerly used as a shunting yard. More than one million people live within about 30 minutes of Tripla and it’s expected that in 2040, Central Pasila will be home to 5,000 new residents and 13,000 new jobs.

A sustainable development

Tripla is being built to meet the criteria of the highest platinum level of LEED environmental certification. Green roofs will cover one third of the total roof area, creating a park-like feel. There is a strong focus on resource efficiency and water consumption is expected to be 20% lower than current best practise. 

Ramboll’s expertise in this project is represented by geo-technical engineering, structural engineering and landscape engineering, environmental surveys, HVAC, electrical and lighting engineering, as well as building automation supervision. The largest entities have been the exceptionally demanding geo-technical and structural engineering, as well as design engineering of building automation to this extensive project. 

The largest shopping centre in the Nordics 

At opening on October 2019, Mall of Tripla is the largest shopping centre in the Nordic countries, and it has been awarded the highest-level LEED Platinum Certification. The shopping centre Mall of Tripla establishes a commercial concentration in the area, combining the services of a shopping centre, wellbeing and entertainment under one shared roof. In addition to the office and residential buildings along the shopping centre, the area will comprise a new hotel and a modern, spacious car park which, among others, provides charging stations for nearly 300 electric cars. In addition to public transport, the new Pasila can be easily navigated on foot or bicycle, so the bicycle park of Tripla offers parking space for 3,400 bicycles. The new Pasila Railway station and the public transportation centre provide easy connections for mobility and for changing between various forms of transport. 

The building of Tripla started in the summer of 2015 and the area will be completed in phases in the years 2019 to 2022. The overall costs of this massive endavour are estimated to be about 1.5 billion euros. In the first stage, the shopping centre Mall of Tripla and the new Pasila station were completed. The new shopping centre opened on 17 October 2019, and on the same day, both the new Pasila station and the public transport terminal located in front of the station were taken into use.


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