Two young Ramboll engineers receive international talent award and honours

16 March 2015
Luca Cargnino has won the international talent award fib Achievement Award for Young Engineers, while Kåre Flindt Jørgensen was honoured with a "special mentioning". They were awarded for their stellar contributions on the Queensferry Crossing Bridge in Scotland and the Bella Sky Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Luca Cargnino

Construction Engineer
T: +45 5161 6388

Luca Cargnino and Kåre Flindt Jørgensen are only 27 and 34 years old. They are already experienced, ambitious engineers putting in an extraordinary effort that has made a splash internationally in the engineering consultancy industry.

Luca was selected among candidates from across the globe to receive the international talent award fib Achievement Award for Young Engineers. It is awarded to engineers under 40 years who have done exceptional and innovative work on a construction project. Kåre was recognised with a "Special Mentioning" in the same category.

Largest bridge project in Europe

Luca Cargnino won the award in the Design & Construction category for his contribution to the concrete design for the composite deck on the Queensferry Crossing, a new cable-stay bridge across the outlet of Forth River in Edinburgh, Scotland.

It is the largest bridge project in Northern Europe and the largest civil engineering project in Scotland for a generation. With two central main spans of 650 metres, the total length of the bridge will be nearly 2.7 kilometres. From each of the three towers approx. 210 metres above sea level, 96 stay cables with an average length of approx. 400 metres will support the deck.

The bridge will be the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world with two main spans and three pylons. During construction, it will break the world record for balanced cantilevering as the bridge deck will be hanging with a free cantilever of 321 metres to each side. Ramboll is the leading partner on the project in a design joint venture also comprising Grontmij and Leonhart, Andrä und Partners.

- As a young engineer, Luca Cargnino has approached this technically complex task with impressive independence and responsibility. He has shown a keen eye for the customer's needs and incredibly high technical expertise considering his young age, says Lars T. Thorbek, Head of Department for Ramboll's international bridge division.

Extraordinary effort yielded successful design

Kåre Flindt Jørgensen received "Special Mentioning" in the Design & Construction category for his estimation on Bella Sky Hotel. He was responsible for the calculations of the complex concrete superstructure in the two towers of the Bella Sky Hotel. The two towers lean 15 degrees to each side, requiring an extraordinary effort in order to engineer a successful design for the record-breaking concrete structure.

The project was a huge success. It has revolutionised the workflow for concrete construction designs and remains the foundation for the workflow and continued progress made in Ramboll.

Facts about fib Achievement Award for Young Engineers (AAYE)

- In 2015, 40 talented engineers from all over the world were nominated for the prestigious award
- The fib award is handed out every other year in two categories: "Design & Construction" and "Research"
- In the Research category, the award went jointly to João Pedro Santos from Portugal and Yuguang Yang from Holland
- The winners receive their awards including a  EUR 2,000 prize at the 2015 fib symposium, held 18-20 May 2015 at the Tivoli Congress Center
- fib is an abbreviation of Fédération internationale du béton/International Federation for Structural Concrete. It is a non-profit organization with over 1,000 members in 43 countries, working to promote the technical, aesthetic, and environmentally sustainable development of concrete constructions globally.

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