World class 3D-model wins prestigious award

18 November 2016
Recognised for their innovative approach to 3D project building at the AEC Excellence Award 2016 in Las Vegas, Ramboll and Sweco overcome tough terrain challenges.
3D modelling of the “InterCity” project

3D modelling of the “InterCity” project


Marit Loland Tveit

BIM & 3D Discipline Leader
T: +47 90782893

With more than 10,000 participants and 162 project contributions from 29 different countries, Ramboll and Sweco won the “infrastructure” category for their innovative approach and usage of 3D modelling in the “InterCity” project in Dovrebanen Norway.

“We are extremely proud to win this award because it’s an independent recognition of our world class 3D modelling competencies”, says Marit Loland Tveit, Ramboll’s 3D Discipline Leader for the project.

Comprehensive 3D-model in a challenging environment

Norway is known for its natural beauty – fjords, lakes, mountains and waterfalls. But these terrains pose great challenges when it comes to infrastructure, as Ramboll and Sweco learned when they were hired by the Norwegian National Rail Administration (Jernbaneverket) to contribute to a project to lay 75 kilometres of double track between Sørli and Lillehammer. Through the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM), the project team was able to overcome huge terrain challenges – as well as aligning more than 100 stakeholders. 

“This project is a good example of how we have worked with 3D modelling from start to finish and continuously incorporated local conditions and other factors important to the planning of the project. We have managed to create a very accurate 3D model that has handled all disciplines of the workflow so that the model appears very close to what can actually be built”, Marit explains.

The new InterCity line will mean shorter travel times, doubled capacity, and more freight traffic, benefitting many travellers. The entire project is scheduled for completion in 2030. 

The AEC Excellence Award is a yearly award show sponsored by Autodesk – a 3D design, architecture and engineering software provider.  The project was awarded by an independent jury that emphasised the high level of technical complexity and accuracy as well as the highly integrated and innovative approach.

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