World Water Day activity generated bright ideas on safe water access

23 April 2019
A social media activity related to the UN World Water Day revealed some of the good ideas and initiatives that support safe water access on a global scale. One of them is the AguaClara water treatment concept, which Ramboll will now support in a relevant way together with Water for People and Engineers Without Borders Denmark.
Water should be for all

Water should be for all


René Hoeijmakers

B.Sc in Environmental Engineering, Executive Director, Water
T: +31 683191061

In order to create awareness of the UN World Water Day on 22 March, Ramboll together with the organizations Water for People and Engineers without Borders DK, invited the global water community to come up with good ideas that could support the UN Sustainable Development Goal 6 of ensuring safe water for all by 2030.

The activity generated positive involvement on social media and led to the submission of several good ideas and perspectives on the dedicated World Water Day ideation site.

The contributions included an encouragement to focus more on fighting deforestation, a new idea on how to use more energy from water & wastewater treatment processes, methods for avoiding the use of potable water for cooling and irrigation as well as a concept for using anaerobic digestion coupled with algae oxidation in urban wastewater management.

… And the winner is!

However, one idea – or concept – stood out: The AguaClara water treatment concept which enables surface water treatment powered by gravity and hence requires no electricity to run. Attention to this concept was brought in by Jennifer Jackson, who is an environmental engineer.

Water for People, Engineers without borders DK and Ramboll are now exploring relevant ways to support AguaClara.

All organizations are happy about this exciting development and would like to thank all submitters for their great contributions!

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