Young consultant to crack city challenges at global SDG-event

29 May 2018
Today, 1,000 talents from all over the world gather in Singapore to craft ideas in favour of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. On the team is Samy Porteron from Ramboll Management Consulting. 


Samy Porteron

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By Martin Christiansen

Delivering on the Agenda 2030 and UN’s Sustainable Development Goals takes an array of actions on a global scale. One of them is UNLEASH.

In 2017, the inaugural UNLEASH was held in Denmark, convening 1,000 talents from 129 countries. For this year’s event from May 30 to June 6, UNLEASH has again handpicked 1,000 talents from more than 100 countries, who will work on challenges related to the SDGs, in eight different themes: Zero Hunger, Health, Education, Water & Sanitation, Energy, Sustainable Cities, Responsible Supply Chain & Consumption, and Climate Action.

Devoted to city challenges

Supported by the Rambøll Foundation and a company dedicated to the sustainable development, Ramboll sends a total of 9 talents to Singapore. On the team is Samy Porteron, a young management consultant from Brussels who have been selected for his passion about liveable and sustainable cities:

 - Coming from a general sustainability background and educated in social and environmental science, I have long been passionate about finding solutions to the different issues we face in both modern cities and in the mega-cities in the global south.

- At Ramboll, I have worked with the C40 Climate Leadership Group on providing a framework to identifying the multiple benefits of urban climate action. Now going to UNLEASH, I really hope that we can find actionable solutions to support urban citizens and policy-makers in turning their cities more livable.

Partnerships in Singapore

This year’s UNLEASH program will integrate powerhouse Singaporean businesses with local ways of living, thinking, and working:

- Singapore embodies UNLEASH’s values of innovation, multi-culturalism, and cross-sector partnerships. I’m looking forward to welcoming the new group of talents and to cement UNLEASH’s status as a global and influential movement for the SDGs, says Flemming Besenbacher, chairman of UNLEASH, Carlsberg Group, and the Carlsberg Foundation.

The notion of partnerships is such an overarching theme that it even has its own goal. Number 17. For Samy Porteron, new partnership is an additional upside to the UNLEASH talent event. A Frenchman himself, having studied in Canada and the Netherlands, working out of Ramboll Management Consulting’s Brussels office, Porteron is already a global citizen:

- I look forward to working with people having even broader horizons and expertise areas than what I encounter here in the EU policy team which is a pretty diverse crowd by default. I'm sure there will be a lot to learn from this and hopefully we are able to develop an idea or a business concept with global potential.

Last year, another Ramboll colleague did just that as engineer and sustainability expert, Gitte Gylling, from Denmark won in the Urban Sustainability category together with teammates from France, The US, Australia, and Nigeria.


UNLEASH is a nonprofit sponsored by foundations and leading organizations within their fields, including Hempel Foundation, Novo Nordisk Foundation, PSA International, Rambøll Foundation, SP Group, ST Engineering, and World Diabetes Foundation as well as DBS Bank, Deloitte, National University of Singapore (NUS), Temasek, Keppel Corporation, and Sembcorp Industries.

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