20 Minute Neighbourhoods research launch

31 March 2021
Our report on 20 minute neighbourhoods in the Scottish Context for ClimateXChange, on behalf of the Scottish Government has been launched. 

Stefanie O'Gorman

Director of Sustainable Economics
Rebecca Dillon-Robinson

Rebecca Dillon-Robinson

Senior Urban Planner
M: +44 7971 877062

What are 20 minute neighbourhoods and why are they important? 

'20 minute neighbourhoods' are places that are designed so residents can meet their day-to-day needs within a 20 minute walk of their home; through access to safe walking and cycling routes, or by public transport. 

20 minute neighbourhoods can form part of a strategy for climate action as they facilitate active travel and decrease dependence on motor vehicles.

Many places around the world have made commitments or drawn up plans to support the realisation of the concept. However, only a few have made 20 minute neighbourhoods a reality. 

The report: 20 minute neighbourhoods in a Scottish context

The report sets out five initial ambitions for developing 20 minute neighbourhoods in Scotland - which has the opportunity to be a global leader in delivering this concept in urban and rural settings.

These ambitions and the report’s recommendations were built on a baseline analysis and international benchmarking study.

Ramboll’s GIS team built a mapping analysis model that showed that many communities across Scotland have the required services and infrastructure that would allow them to be 20 minute neighbourhoods in both Urban and Rural settings.  

‘This has been a fast paced initial piece of research which has been fed into by a wide range of stakeholders. Ramboll’s digital capabilities enabled us to add value for this research beyond the initial scope. We are excited to further the conversation on 20 minute neighbourhoods and how they can contribute to climate action, help create liveable places and encourage social inclusivity.’ Stefanie O’Gorman, Director of City Economics and Project Lead 

Watch our on-demand webinar 

Watch our webinar recording - (original webinar June 2021).

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