Ramboll teams up with Stantec on the Champlain Bridge Corridor project

3 September 2015
Ramboll’s UK and Danish international bridge teams are working together on the new Champlain Bridge Corridor Project in Montreal, Canada - one of the largest infrastructure projects in North America. Ramboll has been appointed as Independent Engineer on the commission.
Ramboll has been chosen as Independent Engineer on the New Champlain Bridge Corridor Project

Ramboll has been chosen as Independent Engineer on the New Champlain Bridge Corridor Project

Steve Thompson. Ramboll

Steve Thompson

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Ramboll has teamed up with the Canadian consultant Stantec to review the design of the entire length of the New Champlain Bridge corridor to ensure that the design and construction is conducted with respect to the project requirements and proposed time schedule. Ramboll will review the bridge design while Stantec will handle the review of all highway design along with site inspections.

The New Champlain Bridge Corridor Project is of crucial importance for the regional economy and for Canada as a whole. The new contract is in line with Ramboll’s strategy for North America where UK and Danish teams are collaborating to pursue several other larger bridge and tunnel projects.

3.4km crossing of St. Lawrence River

The corridor-wide project, which is being delivered through a public-private partnership between the Government of Canada and Signature on the St. Lawrence Group, includes a new île des Soeurs Bridge along with reconstruction and widening of the federal portion of Autoroute 15. But the crown-jewel of the project is the New Champlain Bridge, a 3.4 km crossing of the main channel of the St. Lawrence River, which includes a cable stay section over the St. Lawrence Seaway, and is a replacement for the existing, decaying Champlain Bridge.

Construction is set to begin in the summer of 2015. The New Champlain Bridge will be in service in 2018 and the rest of the corridor will be completed in 2020.

Background to the appointment

In 2014 Ramboll was part of a design joint venture (DJV) comprising Ramboll, Hatch Mott MacDonald and Dessau, with responsibility for the tender design of the 600m long multi span cable stayed bridge, which forms an integral part of the 3.4km bridge crossing, and has a main span of 240m. Ramboll’s contribution to the tender design was a collaboration of international bridge design teams from the UK and Denmark. Although the team’s tender was not successful, our knowledge of the scheme made us an ideal partner for Stantec in delivering the Independent Engineer role.

Steve Thompson from the Bridges International team is leading the UK input, ably supported by James Wharton. “Both Steve and James have experience of collaboration with our Danish colleagues from their work on the Queensferry Crossing, and we look forward to building on those established relationships in a new market” says Mike Needham, Team Director.

[Image courtesy of Signature on the Saint Lawrence www.newchamplain.ca]

Further information

Artists impression of Champlain Bridge, Montreal. © 'Signature on the St Lawrence'

NBSL - new bridge for the St. Lawrence corridor project

The New Champlain Bridge corridor is one of the largest infrastructure projects in North America and is of crucial importance for the regional economy and for Canada as a whole. It will provide the main gateway to Montreal with a signature bridge on the Saint Lawrence River. The New Champlain Bridge (NBSL) will become a new iconic symbol for the metropolis and will change the urban look of Montreal.

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