Ramboll appointed to major Wembley Park project

18 September 2018
Ramboll selected by Quintain to provide engineering design services across the £3billion Wembley Park regeneration project
CGI projection of completed projects, with Wembley Way approach in foreground

CGI projection of completed projects, with Wembley Way approach in foreground


Ramboll. Crispin Matson. Image courtesy of Paulina Sobczak Photography

Crispin Matson

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Robert Godbold. Ramboll

Robert Godbold

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Ramboll has been appointed to Quintain’s £3billion Wembley Park regeneration project. The project will become the UK’s largest build-to-rent complex, set to comprise 7,500 homes of which up to 5,000 will be for rent and managed by Tipi, in the area immediately surrounding Wembley stadium. The project is due for completion in 2027. We are providing engineering design services across a range of phases throughout the development, including designing and delivering a district heating network that will be one of the largest in London. 

Ramboll is undertaking structural, energy, geotechnical and civil engineering services on behalf of Quintain, working on seven new blocks that will provide 1,200 new residential units to the Wembley Park site. We have delivered a number of innovative structural designs, including a piled raft foundation solution underneath the residential towers that reduces the number of piles required, enabling significant time savings and reducing construction costs.

Ramboll is also responsible for designing and delivering a new district heating network that will serve 20 of the newly-constructed buildings. This heating distribution system consists of a single energy centre that will link to a low temperature hot water heating network spanning approximately 3.5km across the site. Ramboll is working with SWEP to install a 2-stage system that increases efficiencies by using returned water from the radiator circuit heat exchanger to preheat domestic hot water. The state-of-the-art network will ensure that future heat provision is more environmentally friendly and energy efficient, and will be the largest of its kind in the UK upon completion. 

Ramboll’s Managing Director in the UK, Mathew Riley, commented ”We are delighted to be working with Quintain on the Wembley Park regeneration project. Our commitment to drive maximum efficiency across a range of structural and civil engineering design disciplines means we are perfectly placed to support the development throughout different construction phases. We will continue to work with Quintain on providing cutting-edge solutions for future build-out in Wembley Park.”

Crispin Matson, UK Head of Energy at Ramboll, added: ”The plans for a district heating network represents a huge achievement for our engineering teams. Our goal was to design a heating system that provides the most efficient and environmentally friendly energy solution. The innovative single energy centre heating network will become one of the largest projects of its kind in Europe, and will change the way contractors think about energy provision for future large-scale developments.”


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CGI projection of completed projects, with Wembley Way approach in foreground

Wembley Park regeneration

When property developer Quintain embarked on transforming the long-neglected area surrounding the iconic Wembley stadium, into a new district and exciting hub, they sought Ramboll as an engineering partner who could fully realise their ambitious sustainability agenda.

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