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The Liveable Cities Lab is Ramboll's innovation and research laboratory, dedicated to support cities in envisioning their future development. Our work addresses global challenges such as demographic changes, urbanization and climate change through a multi- and transdisciplinary approach.

We explore the potentials and conditions that ensure Liveability, including policymaking and good governance: How to bring best value to the society, create a culture of inspiration, and implement better-integrated urban infrastructures and design tools for managing global challenges and environment-related risks?

As an international think-tank we provide solutions to contemporary urban, environmental and social challenges through our unique three-level approach to Liveability: the physical level, where we can provide technical excellence; the social level where we can increase social knowledge, provide space for interaction, and influence good governance; and the cultural level, where we can provide inspiration and contribute to cultural competence.

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Middelalderparken, Oslo, Norway

Resilience & Climate Adaptation

Urban Design & Integrated Planning

Liveable Development & Decision Support

Blue-Green Infrastructure


Cost-Benefit Analysis

Cloudburst Management 

Engagement & Involvement 

Co-Benefit Assessment 

Coastal Protection 

Capacity Building 

Liveability Assessment 

Integrated Water Management 


Communicative Support 

Risk Mapping 


Air Quality Assessment 

Hydraulic Modelling

Metabolic Systems 


Urban Heat Island 




Air Quality 


Changing the Dialogue from Traditional Silo Thinking to the Art of Integrating Cultural Knowledge, Social Competence, and Technical Excellence Makes Cities Liveable

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Liveability, Urban Planning and Design

Cities have become the engines of economic prosperity and development. Over the next two decades, it is estimated that the global middle class will expand by another three billion people. Ramboll helps cities become more liveable and improve their competitive edge through a full suite of competencies necessary to provide a holistic, cutting-edge city offering.

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Urban Planning and Design

Two thirds of the world’s population are predicted to live in cities by 2050 and according to the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity 60% of the urban areas expected to be developed by 2030 that have not yet been built.


Ramboll’s experts address global water and climate challenges by working across the water cycle from water resources and supply, processing and treatment, to sewerage and discharge. Working with Municipalities, utilities, and industrial clients we draw on multidisciplinary expertise to create innovative, sustainable and liveable solutions for our customers and society.


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Environment & Health

One of the world’s leading environmental and health consultancies, we are trusted by clients to manage their most challenging environmental, health and social issues. We help clients understand and manage the impacts of their activities and products, so that they can respond to business, regulatory or legal challenges effectively and develop sound strategies for operating sustainably.


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