Liveability Defined

What do we mean by Liveability?

Liveability describes the frame conditions of a decent life for all inhabitants of cities, regions and communities including their physical and mental wellbeing. Liveability is based on the principle of sustainability and smart and thus is sensitive to nature and the protection of its resource. The special focus to improve Liveability is to take all dimensions that are relevant to Liveability into account: the physical, the social and the cultural. We start from our global perspective but are most sensitive about the specifics and characteristics of the local situation. A local approach is crucial for Liveability.

How Can We Create Liveability?

Depending on the existing frame-conditions in a specific city, designers and engineers need to adapt and provide different solutions, keeping in mind that solutions always have to pay attention to the development on all of the three liveability levels, in order to gain a deep improvement. Integrated thinking is the future for liveable cities. 

What the Liveable Cities Lab Provides

The Liveable Cities Lab recognises the challenge to implement (or even advise) and intervene to all the areas of action and their elements to the same degree due to scale, stakeholder influence, or the age and culture of the city. To retain its experimental component, the LCL addresses many different projects to understand and respond to current urban challenges, with the target to frame the conditions where change can come in.


Art of Integration

The concept of integrative thinking shows LCL's approach to the realization of liveable cities and goes beyond sustainability. The three main objectives are the physical, like buildings or open space; the social, like how to live together; and the cultural sphere, which touches on the relationships to the surrounding and our roots. However, to achieve liveability we need good governance structures and holistic urban planning. Finally economy is a driving force towards and against liveability.

LCL research on the Definition of Liveability

LCL commissioned Leibniz University of Hannover to gain an academic perspective on the definition of Liveability. Based on these results LCL continues to refine this definition.

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