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Please join us at the upcoming conferences:

2018 National Planning Conference:New Orleans, April 21-24th with Nadya Nilina

ULI Spring Meeting: Boston, April 26th 

ASLA 2018 ANNUAL MEETING:Philadelphia, "ECO-Cities of the Future... TODAY: Addressing Economic + Ecological Imperatives", October 19-22nd with Herbert Dreiseitl

Recent News

Liveable Cities Lab Hosts the 2017 Young Planners Summit

The LCL recently moved to the US and is training young staff to work across disciplines while integrating social and cultural issues. Building on the experience of the 2016 European Young Planners Summit in Germany and as part of Ramboll's “P&UD Community for local and global cooperation”, the LCL organized the 1st Summit in the US with the intention of providing evidence-based expertise about Liveable Cities, fostering US-wide collaboration in regards to this topic, and establishing a long-term network among the US Young Planners.

During the Summit, 18 young and creative Ramboll employees from offices across the US joined forces with employees from Brazil, Finland and Sweden to consider the current challenges of the City of Hudson and reinvent its future.



Herbert Dreiseitl has been elevated to the ASLA Council of Fellows for 2017

The American Society of Landscape Architects has elevated 23 members to the ASLA Council of Fellows for 2017. Fellowship is among the highest honors the ASLA bestows on members and recognizes the contributions of these individuals to their profession and society at large based on their works, leadership and management, knowledge, and service. The 2017 class of new fellows will be recognized at the ASLA Annual Meeting & Expo, October 20–23 in Los Angeles.

The designation of Fellow is conferred on individuals in recognition of exceptional accomplishments over a sustained period of time. Individuals considered for this distinction must be members of ASLA in good standing for at least 10 years and must be recommended to the Council of Fellows by the Executive Committee of their local chapter, the Executive Committee of ASLA, or the Executive Committee of the Council of Fellows.

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Local Coverage of the Young Planners Summit in Hudson

Hudson Valley 360 coverage of Ramboll's 2017 Young Planners Summit Hudson hosted by the Liveable Cities Lab

Increasing Seattle's Climate Resilience

Herbert Dreiseitl recently participated in the Urban Innovations Speakers Series which is part of Town Square - Seattle's Channel series dedicated to connecting people and ideas. panel discussion For more information, click here.

LCL is part of the NATURVATION - A Horizon2020 project

Nature-based solutions (NBS) are seen to hold significant promise in enabling the urban transition to sustainability. They have potential to provide multiple benefits across the range of sustainability challenges facing cities – from managing flooding to securing improved health outcomes for different groups of society. They offer flexibility in the face of a changing climate. Yet despite their significant potential, the use of NBS remains marginal, fragmented, and highly uneven within and between cities.

IBA Heidelberg

The IBA Heidelberg is focusing on the Patrick Henry Village (PHV), a former US military base that will be transformed to a new thriving mixed-use neighborhood. How is the district supplied with water, heat and electricity? What is the role of climate and nature within the neighborhood? With a certain focus on urban metabolism, the LCL is contributing to create a sustainable and liveable future neighborhood.

Ramboll Young Planners Collaborate on Urban Liveability and Capital Aspects

Following the establishment of Ramboll’s Young Planners network in Überlingen at the end of May, a group of ten aspiring planners convened for a second summit in Copenhagen last weekend. Hosted by Ramboll’s Liveable Cities Lab (LCL) and Group Director for Planning & Urban Design, Neel Strøbæk, the summit served to reinforce the participants’ understanding and practical application of urban liveability principles and facilitate cross-company collaboration.

The summit brought together representatives from Ramboll in Sweden, Finland, UK, Denmark, Singapore, Water, and Environment & Health covering a range of disciplines from infrastructure design, architecture, landscape planning, land use and water management.

2016 ASLA Professional Awards

We proudly announce the win of two Professional Awards from The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) for our visionary landscape and climate adaptation projects in Singapore and Copenhagen.

One 'Honor Award' was given for the redesign of Bishan Ang-Mo Kio Park in Singapore, and one 'Award of Excellence' was given for the concretization of the Copenhagen Cloudburst Mitigation Plan, which is a true collaboration project.

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