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What makes a city?

Usually we think about buildings, roads, concrete, asphalt and all the other hard grey elements. But what if the city has more than one layer? What if we define a city by looking at water and vegetation as well? Elements, that more than others shape and improve human life. We call this BGI = Blue and Green Infrastructure – the essential layer in a liveable city.  

Making Cities Liveable is an abstract of the full research project on blue and green infrastructure conducted by the Liveable Cities Lab and several universities. It was graciously funded through the Ramboll Foundation. 

If you would like a digital copy of the Full Report, Strengthening Blue-Green Infrastructure in our Cities (FINAL REPORT), please email us.


Designing the Sustainable Site

Integrated Design Strategies for Small-Scale and Residential Landscapes written by Heather Venhaus with a Forward by Herbert Dreiseitl



Town Square: Increasing Seattle's Climate Resilience

Global climate change is loading the dice, making extreme weather events like forest fires and Hurricanes even more intense. Seattle has experienced some of its rainiest and least snowy winters, its hottest and driest summers, and its highest tides on record. Learn from international experts how homeowners, new development and local government all play a role in improving Seattle's climate resilience. 

Jill Mangaliman - Got Green
Herbert Dreiseitl - Liveable Cities Lab, Ramboll   
Mooyoung Han - Seoul National University  
Madeline Goddard - Seattle Public Utilities  
Jessica Finn Coven - Seattle Office of Sustainability and Environment


The Liveable City

Read more about Herbert Dreiseitl's talk on Liveable Cities at the 9th Federal Congress on National Urban Development Policy in Leipzig (Germany).


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