Workshops and Masterclasses

The Masterclasses on Urban Design are an offer of the Liveable Cities Lab to upgrade the knowledge of Ramboll employees for designing Liveable Cities. The target is to provide an innovative and creative environment for Ramboll employees from all disciplines to improve projects they are currently working on.

A Masterclass agenda includes: introduction, water experiments, drawing exercises, presentation of the fluid thinking approach, and a presentation of ground-breaking landscape architecture, water design and urban planning projects of Herbert Dreiseitl. The presentation was focused to water-related problems essential for the participants, and projects in similar climatic zones to the ones the participants are working on. Four general types of projects that were touched upon in this workshop:

  1. Residential projects that need innovative storm water management
  2. Urban water design in public spaces (flows and public spaces)
  3. River restoration and bank revitalization management
  4. Dense city environments that need to introduce innovative landscape design and waterscapes

The take-outs from a Masterclass are that the participants improve their projects by discussing the vision for their project and the way of implementation and design. The feedback of the participants showed that the LCL Masterclass is urgently needed to start a professional discussion between Ramboll's design experts.

Herbert Dreiseitl supports the class by giving his feedback on every project and general advice for similar projects, like a toolbox of general principles for the four different categories of projects.

Christian Nyerup Nielsen

Director, Climate Adaptation & Landscape
T: +45 5161 6277

1st US Young Planners Summit took off in Hudson

Ramboll's Liveable Cities Lab (LCL) invited a selected group of junior US employees to Hudson, NY to introduce the holistic approach of liveability and to apply it in their daily work. For 2½ days the Young Planners collaborated and proposed solutions to the challenges the City of Hudson is currently facing.

Recent Masterclasses

  • Young Planners Summit, Hudson, October 2017

Past Masterclasses

  • Young Planners Leadership Summit, Copenhagen, November 2016
  • UK Graduate Design Project, Copenhagen, September 2016
  • Young Planners Summit, Ueberlingen, May 2016
  • Stockholm, May 2015
  • Stavanger, December 2014
  • Bergen, May 2014
  • Helsinki, May 2014
  • Stockholm, May 2014
  • Trondheim, January 2014
  • Oslo, November 2013

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