Advancing contributions to biodiversity and climate action

Ramboll’s certified ecologists, conservation biologists, ecotoxicologists and environmental economists are nature positive specialists. They partner with policy makers and global organisations to solve one of the world’s toughest challenges - biodiversity loss. Our suite of leading-edge tools provides a transparent and accurate evaluation of biodiversity and natural capital, quantifying risks, benefits and opportunities for nature positive actions and nature-based solutions.

With 75 years’ experience of creating sustainable societies where people and nature flourish, we are at the forefront of sustainability matters. We have supported businesses and cities on achieving their carbon neutral and nature positive ambitions and partnered with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development to articulate the business case of pursuing circularity in the built environment.

We deliver forward-thinking solutions for a nature positive future – advancing your contributions to biodiversity and climate action.

Forward-thinking solutions

We deliver cost-effective nature positive solutions through our leading-edge technology and scientific expert know-how.

Leading on biodiversity and natural capital metrics

Ramboll is a leader and innovator in biodiversity net gain and ecosystem services & natural capital assessments for land management, development, informing strategies and targets. We have developed bespoke tools such as the BioSensitivity tool to identify habitats that are potentially sensitive to development impacts and we have evolved NEBA tools to quantify risks and benefits to ecosystems.

Restoration and nature-based solutions

We are pioneers in ecological restoration and our solutions have rehabilitated sites around the world. Addressing both the climate and nature crises with nature-based solutions is our mission. We are passionate about restoring, reconnecting and protecting wilder landscapes.

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