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We live in a changing world. Low carbon footprint requirements, an increasingly complex energy system and fast technological developments characterise the reality that the energy sector is facing today and tomorrow. We work in partnership with our clients - defining your challenge and its complexity to find the best solution, together. 

75% of our revenue on energy projects stems from projects related to the SDGs

Reduce your carbon footprint

We support the energy sector in its transition from fossil fuels to renewables and in making renewable systems, technologies and processes more efficient. The transition journey is different for everyone, but we propose solutions that can bring you one or more steps closer to a renewable and more efficient energy system.

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Navigate the integrated energy system

In an energy sector that is transforming rapidly, Ramboll offers a strategic approach to energy and utility projects facilitated by our holistic perspective. Our multidisciplinary energy team is fully knowledgeable on the energy life cycle and positioned to work across the entire Ramboll organisation drawing on our full suite of expertise. This enables us to offer you a full picture of the integrated energy system and advise you based on the coupling of all energy sectors.

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Implement smart energy solutions

Building a low-carbon society calls for innovative solutions like storage of renewable energy, electrification, carbon capture, power-to-X, and hydrogen. We define next practice to meet the needs of a changing energy system, and we proactively think out of the box to suggest new and better solutions to your challenges.

Read our report on the technical potential for delivery of ancillary services from new technologies prepared for the Danish TSO Energinet

Explore inspirational change projects from around the world

Transitioning SUNY Oneonta to a low-carbon energy campus

The clean energy master plan for SUNY Oneonta in New York creates a pathway to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045.

Learn how SUNY Oneonta will achieve energy efficiency and carbon emission reduction goals

Reducing GHG emissions for the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

The Energy Master Plan for UMass Dartmouth charts a path to carbon neutrality by 2040.

Learn how UMass Dartmouth will reach its GHG reduction and carbon neutral targets

E.ON Citigen decarbonisation

Expected to be one of the UK’s largest low-carbon heating systems, E.ON's Citigen energy centre provides district cooling, heating and electricity to the City of London and private developments.

Read more about E.ON's Citigen decarbonisation project in London

Consortium wants to make Bornholm a green filling station for shipping

Ramboll is a partner in an international consortium, which wants to make Bornholm a green bunker hub in the Baltic where ships can refuel with sustainable fuels in the future.

Read more about the Bornholm bunker hub project

Development of a lithium-ion battery gigafactory

Energy storage, and particularly lithium-ion, will play an increasing role in assisting the energy transition in numerous applications from renewable integration and grid services to facilities and transportation networks.

Read about iM3NY/Imperium3 NY, Inc.’s manufacturing facility in Upstate New York

Green transition of power transmission system in Denmark

Over the next 10-15 years, up to 100 substations must be retrofitted or rebuilt in Denmark to meet the drastically increasing power consumption and support the green transition. Ramboll is the owner’s engineer assisting Danish Transmission System Operator (TSO) Energinet in the retrofit of the first three substations.

Learn more about the green transition of the Danish power transmission system

Innovative solutions in the planning of the world’s first artificial energy island

Ramboll is providing high-level support to the VindØ consortium on master-planning the world’s first artificial energy island, VindØ, which is expected to be realised by 2030.

Read more about the innovative elements in the project

Planning the underwater cable routes for the Bornholm energy island

As part of the Danish climate agreement of June 2020, it was decided to build two energy islands in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea linked to offshore wind farms that together can provide 5 GW and cover the electricity demands of approx. 5 million households in Denmark and nearby countries. Climate and seabed studies are among the first steps.

Learn more about the underwater cable routes for the Bornholm energy island

Decarbonising Helsinki’s heating system

Hot Heart – a series of islands with the dual function of storing thermal energy storage and serving as a hub for recreational activities – won the Helsinki Energy Challenge, which aims to decarbonise the heating system of the Finnish capital by 2030.

Read more about the Hot Heart project in Helsinki here

Europe’s largest Power-to-X facility

Danish fund management company CIP is planning to build Europe’s largest Power-to-X facility, which will convert power from offshore wind turbines to green ammonia.

Be inspired by Europe's largest Power-to-X facility

The world's first pilot floating plant for solar power in rough waters

As part of the growing renewable energy development, Equinor together with its partner Moss Maritime are planning to develop and pilot test an offshore floating solar power plant in the Norwegian Sea.

Be inspired by the world's first pilot floating plant

Innovative energy system at Queen’s Quay

Queens Quay’s £15m energy system based on water-sourced district heating will cut West Dunbartonshire’s CO2 emissions by more than 4,000 tonnes each year for the next 40 years and will make Clydebank one of the greenest towns in Scotland.

Read more about the Queen's Quay energy system

One of the world’s largest battery energy storage projects

InterGen’s battery project will provide fast-reacting power and system balancing to support the ongoing growth and integration of renewable energy sources and is a significant piece of system architecture critical to the UK’s transition to Net Zero.

Be inspired by the battery energy storage project

Hydrogen in pipelines

What are the challenges we face when preparing the gas network for hydrogen? Watch a recording of a workshop held on 13 January 2021.

Read more and watch the recording of the webinar

Energy islands in 2030: Tackling Bornholm’s CO2 scarcity in relation to Power-to-X

Energy islands and P2X technologies will play a key role in decarbonising the Danish energy system. Major players in the Danish energy industry have gathered to discuss opportunities and barriers of P2X technology deployment in relation to a planned energy island in Bornholm.

Read more and watch the recording of the webinar

Power-to-X: Hype or Hope? Who and How?

Power-to-X may revolutionise the energy sector. By linking energy, industry and transport, it opens new business opportunities for visionary companies. But where is the business in Power-to-X? And what will it take to make Power-to-X projects successful.

Explore what Power-to-X can do for you and join our webinar

Low-carbon industry

Do you want to cut carbon emissions for your business? We can help you prioritise your options and build the right strategy to reach your targets.

Find out how to transition to net zero in our toolbox of solutions

Optimising offshore wind foundation designs with advanced software and cloud-based computing

Efficient and reliable wind foundation designs that can withstand challenging offshore environments and larger turbines require advanced methodologies and a scalable cloud-based computational framework. ROSAP, our in-house software, not only helps designing the foundations, but it’s also a smart solution for cutting costs in the entire supply chain.

Listen to our podcast about ROSAP and cloud-based computing

Webinar: True Digital Twins - the backbone of data-driven decision-making

Offshore structure owners need to master digital transformation to turn opportunities into reality, securing revenue and profit growth. This transformation starts with the ambition to become truly data-driven in the decision-making.

Join our webinar with ScottishPower Renewables and Petoro

Mitigating climate change with carbon capture

CCS/CCU is not a “license” to reduce our other efforts to decarbonise the world. However it is foreseen to contribute in an important way to reaching the aspirations of the Paris Agreement.

See how carbon capture can help reduce CO2 emissions in different industries

Supporting Scottish Water in achieving net-zero emissions by 2040

Donald MacBrayne, Scottish Water Horizons Ltd: “We constantly look for supply chain and particularly consultancies to be bringing us new ideas and innovation and we’ve seen that with Ramboll over the years”.

Be inspired by the partnership between Scottish Water Horizons Ltd and Ramboll

Creating a district heating network for Wembley Park

When property developer Quintain embarked on transforming the long-neglected area surrounding the iconic Wembley stadium in London, into a new district and exciting hub, they sought Ramboll as an engineering partner who could fully realise their ambitious sustainability agenda.

See how heat is provided to the UK’s largest single-site build-to-rent scheme

Transitioning SUNY ESF to a low-carbon energy campus

The clean energy master plan for the College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) in New York includes impactful and innovative measures, drawing on experience from other campuses in Northeast United States and from Europe.

Be inspired by SUNY ESF’s plan to reduce its carbon footprint

How to make the oil & gas sector more sustainable

The oil & gas sector is facing the biggest change of all. Oil & gas will be needed in the energy system for years to come, but until we succeed in creating an energy system based entirely on renewable energy, the sector needs to reduce its carbon footprint and carbon intensity.

How we support the transition of the oil & gas sector to net-zero

Sector coupling: World-class project combining district cooling, district heating and wastewater

Taarnby near Copenhagen is the first to integrate the production of district cooling and district heating in combination with ground source cooling and chilled water storage in one facility that also exploits surplus heat from a nearby wastewater treatment plant.

Be inspired by the Taarnby sector coupling project

Intelligent asset management with True Digital Twins

Lorena Tremps, Scottish Power/Iberdrola: “The benefits of the digital twin are very clear to us: it improves our understanding of our offshore wind assets, lowering the costs of operation & maintenance".

Watch our video about how True Digital Twin modelling is used in projects

Low-carbon energy supply strategy for the City of Cambridge

In order to better understand the full potential of renewable energy and low-carbon district heating and cooling in Cambridge, the City commissioned Ramboll to develop an energy supply strategy to help the City decarbonise its energy supply.

Learn how Cambridge will become a net-zero community

ROMEO: Advancing the transition to green energy in Europe

Aiming to reduce the operating and maintenance (O&M) costs of offshore wind farms and systems, the R&D project creates a platform that enables efficient analysis of operational data to derive and implement optimal, risk-based O&M strategies.

Exploring sustainable energy resources in Ireland

Bringing our strategic approach and holistic perspective of the energy sector into play, Ramboll is assisting the Irish Commission for Regulation of Utilities in becoming greener and utilising their energy resources in a smart way across the sector.

Read about Ireland’s smart energy transition plan
Avedøreværket, Copenhagen, Denmark

We base our strategic advice on a holistic understanding of the energy system in combination with in-depth technical expertise.

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