Low-carbon industry

Do you want to cut carbon emissions for your business? We can help you prioritise your options and build the right strategy to reach your targets. Find out how in our toolbox of solutions.


Reap the benefits of low-carbon industry

Responsible businesses are responding positively to global trends and emerging risks by looking to increase efficiency and decarbonise. Using principles such as the circular economy, product sustainability, climate resilience and environmental and social governance, you are ensuring that your business is sustainable, future-proof and competitive.

Toolbox of solutions

There are many technical options available to reduce carbon emissions and increase energy efficiency while remaining competitive. The key is to identify the right ones for your business over a timeframe that works for you.

One of the tools in the toolbox is energy generation. Here you can transition from being a ‘consumer’ to being a ‘prosumer’ by maximising value from your energy assets, matching demand and supply, and developing proactive systems to optimise returns from interaction with local energy grids and markets. 

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“Ramboll Energy have been an excellent support for our Energy optimisation initiatives, with their experience in this field proving valuable to us.”

- Paul Malone, Glenmorangie

Guy Robertson

Principal Consultant, Energy

T: +44 7980 944 109

Meet an industry expert

For the last ten years Guy Robertson has been focussed on the provision of practical industrial resource efficiency support. 

Among his recent projects you will find several UK Government funded feasibility studies into potential new district energy networks taking heat from energy-from-waste facilities. Other recent projects have included a Net Zero energy options appraisal at the Intellectual Property Office in Newport, which identified a solution combining data centre waste heat recovery and solar PV to achieve approx. 85% reduction in carbon emissions, and a global framework with a FTSE100 company assessing decarbonisation options across a portfolio of 400+ manufacturing sites.
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