The webinar has been held. Watch a recording here:

Offshore structure owners must change the way they maintain their assets to meet the demand for increased sustainability, safety and reliability. Digitalisation can provide opportunities for efficiency gains. But asset owners need to master digital transformation to turn opportunities into reality, securing revenue and profit growth. This transformation starts with the ambition to become truly data-driven in the decision-making. As such, the True Digital Twin technology is becoming a game changer when operators get previously unrevealed insights on the current performance and condition of their assets.

Join our webinar with ScottishPower Renewables and Petoro to get first-hand insights from companies successfully changing their decision-making with True Digital Twins.

The webinar was held on 19 Nov. Watch a recording here.

When: 19 November 15:00-15:45 CET


  • Roy Rusaa, Chief Digital Officer, Petoro
  • Robert Jones, Lead Asset Performance Analysis Engineer, ScottishPower Renewables
  • Nadir Azam, Offshore Structures, Ramboll
  • Ursula Smolka, Offshore Wind New Services, Ramboll
  • Ulf Tyge Tygesen, Creator of True Digital Twin technology

“With artificial intelligence technologies such as digital twinning and anomaly detection/classification becoming more mature; these technologies become less of an innovation challenge and closer to core business operations. The challenge this raises is that the cost benefit and investment comes into focus and is measured in different ways before projects can be launched. - Robert Jones, Lead Asset Performance Analysis Engineer, ScottishPower Renewables (part of Iberdrola Renewables)

“At first sight, digital twinning is about establishing a digital replica of a physical asset using deep engineering domain knowledge. However, full value can only be generated if the supportive digital tools and well framed asset management plans are in place. Overseeing these three fields of expertise is the real challenge in implementing digital twins in core business operations.” - Ursula Smolka, Lead Consultant Asset Management Wind, Ramboll


“The True Digital Twin technology has achieved great value for operators for more than a decade, by combining digitalisation with structural integrity in data-driven decision-making. These technologies will become more important moving forward as the focus on risk & safety increases. The digital transformation will require a change in mindset and willingness to adapt to new technologies.” - Nadir Azam, Business Development Manager, Ramboll


“For re-assessing today's industry methods and exploring the potential for cost reductions and increase of structural safety, a key technology is Structural Health Monitoring, i.e. True Digital Twins, combined with recent developments within the area of Big Data technology and Machine Learning.” - Ulf Tyge Tygesen, Creator of Ramboll’s True Digital Twin technology, Ramboll

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