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Workshop for Engelinranta Area Development, RFI, City of Hameenlinna
22 October 2013

The Liveable Cities Lab participated in the workshop of the city of Hameenlinna for the redesign of its waterfront considering the need for storm water management, since the current scheme is often vulnerable to flood events.

The title was “Stormwater Management in Engelinranta – Danger to Resource, Risk to Opportunity” and the workshop scope was a contemporary hands-on, visionary and collaborative workshop that aimed to:

  • Discuss the possibilities of stormwater management, density and urban redevelopment in Engelinranta
  • Contribute to develop possible design strategies for blue, green and socially active public spaces in Engelinranta
  • Sketch holistic innovative solutions for the redevelopment of the area 
  • Collaborate, Discuss, Evaluate
  • Conclusions and definition of Vision for Liveable Engelinranta

The vision of Liveable Cities Lab on making Hameenlinna a more liveable city understands the challenges of the city in three levels: the physical, the social and the cultural level.

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