Creating opportunities – labour market integration enables social participation for mothers with a migration background


Kristina Broens

Kristina Broens

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In Germany, just under a million mothers with a migration background are unemployed – approximately half of all migrant mothers living in Germany with children under the age of 18. Yet, around 370,000 of them are interested in taking up employment in the near future. The Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) has initiated the program "Starting Careers – Mothers with migration background enter the labour market" to support not only the labour market integration but also the social and societal integration.

Matching motivated candidates with potential employers

The objectives of the programme are carried out by 90 projects all over Germany, which are financially supported by the BMFSF and the European Social Fund (ESF). The projects act as local mediators and as a central contact point for mothers who want to work (again). Not only the projects coach mothers, they also enable and encourage networking and interaction with related information centres (i.e. consultation on the recognition of qualifications) and potential employers. In that way, they offer companies quick and easy access to motivated employees. All projects cooperate with local job centres and employment agencies. The BMFSFJ wanted to collaborate with a partner, who could support the programme with scientific expertise while also function as the point of contact for all communication-related matters for the executing projects.

Combining hands-on support and scientific expertise

Ramboll Management Consulting has established the "Competence Centre for Labour Market Integration of Mothers with a Migration Background" which provides hands-on support for the projects especially within the areas of strategic networking and communication with potential employers as well as trade and industry associations and networks. With a broad spectrum of methodologies and competencies, Ramboll also acts as a partner to the BMFSFJ to ensure scientific foundation and knowledge transfer.

Ramboll raises awareness towards the potentials of mothers with a migration background as qualified employees through

  • Identification and transfer of best practices and specific successful measures
  • Development and execution of dialogue forums with members of trade and industry associations as well as potential employers and job centres/employment agencies
  • Representation of the programme at fairs and events
  • Identification of and reflection upon specific employer demands placed on the projects.

Professional communications and public relations is ensured by

  • Editorial support and supervision of the website
  • Preparing press releases and editorials to support media exposure and coverage
  • Development, execution and implementation of campaign elements such as brochures, exhibition stalls, roll-ups, flyers, as well as photo and video products.

Scientific support is embodied by

  • Establishment of a database compiling relevant expert reports and scientific studies about reconcilability of family and working life as well as labour market integration of women with a migration background
  • Development and facilitation of workshops and case studies to support knowledge sharing and networking with business and industry representatives
  • Enabling international knowledge sharing and networking via Ramboll’s internal "Integration Policy Network".

Ensuring efficient and effective programme implementation

Based on our broad expertise and deep sector knowledge, Ramboll uniquely combines scientific methodologies with hands-on communication, strategic networking and PR support. Ramboll acts as a full-service provider to the BMFSFJ and the projects, enabling efficient and audience-specific communication to ensure an effective programme implementation.

In 2015, the programme supported over 2.000 mothers. One participant from Hamburg sums ups the benefits of the programme: "The special focus on woman with a migration background and the individual support I received led to my employment as a personal classroom mentor for a child with Asperger’s syndrome. The programme really helped me to figure out my next step. I really wanted to work again – and together we made it happen."

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