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Akbulak Club Resort is a luxury leisure complex resort located in the south east of Kazakhstan, approximately 50km east of the former capital Almaty. The proposed development is laid over 980 hectares on a greenfield site, located at the foothills of the Tian Shan mountain range, which separates Kazakhstan and China. Assessments, provided by Ramboll, included information that could be used to forecast costs, enabling our client to consider possible phasing options. Upon completion, Akbulak Club Resort will incorporate over 1790 villas, 5 stars luxury hotel, 4 stars ski hotel, 2 golf courses and extensive retail facilities.

Providing masterplanning support

Ramboll has been appointed by Dextra Developments International to provide Engineering and Masterplanning support for this ambitious project. Our Masterplanning team was leading and coordinating a multidisciplinary team, to deliver concept studies and the detailed design of the Infrastructure serving the developments.

At initial stage, a comprehensive review of the Masterplan was carried out by our Infrastructures experts to address key issues in transport, infrastructures, utilities supply, hydrology and geotechnical engineering. One of the main objectives of this detailed engineering study was to develop the infrastructure design to a sufficient level to confirm the feasibility of the Masterplan and to demonstrate the financial viability of the scheme.

Multidisciplinary feasibility assessment

Our infrastructure team carried out a multidisciplinary feasibility assessment of the transport, infrastructure and geological engineering requirements necessary and this information became part of the masterplanning study. The resort is in a seismic zone, which has implications for both construction and the location of facilities and resources on site.

With an estimated 2,000 people to be employed on the resort, priority was given to devising internal access routes, servicing and delivery strategies. We analysed travel plans to and from the site, determining the potential number of daily trips involved. The feasibility of servicing the supply requirements was established through discussions with the local utility providers. 

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