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Ralph Guldberg Bjørndal

Project Director
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Søren Hansen

Project Director
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Jesper Aarosiin Hansen

Jesper Aarosiin Hansen

Senior Expert, Hydraulic modelling
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Anne Rosborg

Chief Project Manager, Geotechnical Engineer
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Private developer, Frabelle Group, planned the establishment of a large land reclamation project (420 ha) in Manila Bay (Bacoor Bay) for a new urban development.  

UDP International and Ramboll prepared a master plan for the urban development that included a transportation plan, a flood management plan, geotechnical and coastal hydraulic investigations and assessments, and the design of the land reclamation works. 

The development area is situated in a region with significant seismic and volcanic activity. For that reason, an Engineering Geological and Geotechnical Assessment (EGGAR) was prepared to identify and mitigate risks related to, for instance, liquefaction issues. 

The impact of the construction of the new islands on the coastal hydraulic conditions (currents, waves, circulation) was assessed as an input to the EIA/ECC. 

The Philippines and Manila are affected by a large number of typhoon events each year. Based on the modelling of different conducted storm surge scenarios, derived design water levels and knowledge from previous projects in the region, the risk of flooding of the reclaimed land and new urban development was assessed. 

Land reclamation works for the new islands were designed based on the results from the technical investigations. 

Links to existing infrastructure (CAVITEX and possibly the LRT) are of vital importance to ensure appropriate and well-functioning traffic infrastructure. A Transport Plan and links to existing infrastructure were prepared and discussed with the authorities. 

Ramboll assisted the Client during presentations and discussions with the authorities. 



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