Feasibility Study for New Port Terminal at Sitakunda


Ralph Guldberg Bjørndal

Project Director
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Kristine Pilegaard

Kristine Pilegaard

M.Sc. (Civil Works and Marine Structures), Ports and Coastal Engineer
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Jesper Aarosiin Hansen

Jesper Aarosiin Hansen

Senior Expert, Hydraulic modelling
T: +45 5161 6685

Ramboll undertook a feasibility study and a master plan for a new multi-purpose port in Bangladesh. The Sitakunda Port Terminal is essential to a specific economic zone being established at Mirasarai, north of Chittagong, and a supplement to existing port facilities in Chittagong and other new planned terminals along the coast. The Sitakunda Port Terminal is in the Sandwip Channel, downstream from the Feni-Mirasarai River. 

The project involved wide-ranging operational port planning, quay and breakwater design, economic feasibility studies as well as environmental and traffic impact assessments. 

The studies included detailed field investigations. A significant part of the study concerned a thorough analysis of the coastal hydraulic conditions, including sediment transport in the upstream river delta and the Feni-Mirasarai River. 

The project area is a flood plain, and tonnes of sediment are washed up daily. Further, the area is prone to severe weather, particularly flooding and cyclones in the summer months. 

The studies also included market assessments, environmental management framework plan, environmental and social impact assessment, traffic impact assessment, financial and economic feasibility assessments and risk assessments.  

Finally, Ramboll prepared port operational planning; port planning; planning of entrance channel; equipment inventory; port layout; port masterplan and design of jetty, quay structures and protecting breakwater. 

With a tidal variation of up to 7 m every 6 hours, very strong currents of up to 3 m/s and frequent cyclone events and storm surges with water levels of up to 8-10 above MSL, the coastal conditions in this region are very challenging. Thus, it has been essential to optimise the port layout to ensure reasonable manoeuvring and operational conditions, sufficient protection against wave actions and sufficient protection and strength against storm surge situations.  

Value added for the customer 

Ramboll assessed the viability of the port project, considering especially the very challenging coastal conditions. With our great expertise in understanding, modelling and assessment of complex coastal hydraulic environments, Ramboll optimised the port and breakwater layout, bringing the operational costs to a minimum. The feasibility study forms the basis for attracting funds and investors and further creates a basis for the design and implementation of the project. 

Services provided 

Field investigations, coastal hydraulic modelling and assessments, market assessments, EIA, SIA, traffic impact assessment, transport planning, financial and economic feasibility assessments, risk assessments, port operational planning, port planning, entrance channel planning, equipment inventory, port master planning, design of jetty, quay structures and breakwater.  




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