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Ramboll has developed a proposal for a comprehensive network of cycling routes in the Municipality of Gentofte. The aim is to improve mobility and accessibility for all schools in the municipality.

Mobility Planning with a focus on students 

Traffic to and from schools is a key issue within the subject of mobility planning and road safety. 

The safety and security of school children when cycling to and from school, both alone and in the company of others, is an important prerequisite for them to be accustomed to traffic at an early age. 

When children experience the freedom of movement under good conditions we are able to create the right basis for subsequent driving behaviours and especially the desired choice of travel means.

Mapping of routes to school and student activities 

The proposal for a combined cycle route network is based on a survey of existing paths and the shortest routes for all school children in the municipality. Ramboll also carried out inspections in the immediate area around the 19 elementary schools in the morning when children arrive at their school. 

The result was a proposal for priorities and solutions that together can improve school children's mobility and ability to travel alone on the routes and roads to and from school.

Taking cyclists' skills and experience into account 

Safety and security for cyclists on routes to school also depends on the rider's skills and experience when moving in traffic. Therefore, Ramboll also developed a proposal for general criteria as to when children can or should travel on their own on the various classifications of roads in the municipality.

The proposal can be used to compare and designate bicycle routes, in relation to school transport policy and in dialogue with parents.

Focused effort around schools 

A large part of the main roads in the Municipality of Gentofte already have good facilities for cyclists. However, many of the schools are situated in local communities with access from roads where traffic in the period around school meeting time can be very intense. 

Therefore, the proposed improvements to the cycle route network have a focus on improving conditions in these specific areas.


School children in Gentofte live scattered throughout the municipality. In 2014 choice of school were made free of residence and the municipality became one large school district. Therefore, all roads in principle have become routes to school. 

The survey and suggestions for improvement are in addition to Gentofte Mobility Study, Traffic Safety Plan and School Study.

The next step 

Survey results, conclusions and proposals for priorities and solutions are scheduled to be politically addressed and presented together at a meeting of all school boards in 2014.

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