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Oslo Legevakt (an after hours' emergency care unit) is a unique combination of somatic and psychiatric emergency care, orthopaedic surgery and detoxification ward. Oslo Legevakt is open 24 hours a day to serve any person living or staying in Oslo in need of emergency care.

Offering treatment at one central place

The orthopaedic surgery and psychiatric emergency care units belong to the University Hospital Ullevål, but are located together with other health care units part of the health care organisation in Oslo. Here, they work closely with the other units within Oslo Legevakt which are part of the health care organisation of the local government of the City of Oslo.

In this way, patients are secured treatment for all health care issues at one central place. For instance, a patient may go directly from initial emergency care (eg. for a wound) to psychiatric observation (eg. if they are elderly and confused) and further on to detoxification (eg. in case of dangerous alcoholic intake).

Because of formal and legal separation between the units belonging to the University Hospital Ullevål and the units working for the Oslo local government, Oslo Legevakt is not allowed to keep one common system of health records to support this combination of elements of care. Obviously, a complex institution such as this has special needs in relation to IT support for this kind of medical treatment and care.

Finding the best IT system

Ramboll assisted Oslo Legevakt in evaluating and specifying the requirements for electronic health records and communication of health data across the legal barriers between the units within Oslo Legevakt.

The solution, which was found after a call for tender conducted by Ramboll, consists of an electronic health record system developed for polyclinical use with an embedded interface for the Norwegian health care communication network, Norsk Helsenett. Due to this integrated communication facility, the new system is able to exchange data with the electronic health record system used by the University Hospital Ullevål at Oslo Legevakt.

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