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The eight-storey office building at Kristian August Gate 13 is an excellent example of a sustainable construction with its BREEAM-NOR-certification of ‘Very Good.’ The old office spaces were initially to be demolished, however, the developer decided to preserve the structure of the original building and reusebuilding materials from other projects. The overall aim of the project was aCO2-reduction of 50%, calculated in the Future-build Framework.


Key challenges 

Amongst the most predominant challenges were the supply of used building materials, documentation of these materials, risk and responsibility management, logistics and cost. To meet the goals of CO2-reduction and reusable materials, Ramboll was engaged in structural engineering and building physics. 



Structures andmaterials from both the existing building as well as other projects were reused to complete the project. RehubRamboll’s online marketplace, was responsible for the delivery of two building materials.The materials included concrete slabs assessed by Ramboll’s structural engineers as well as kitchen units and outdoor steecladding found through RehubTeardown projects were used as resource databases and mapped by Rehub through which necessary information was reported to make preliminary choicesRamboll’s structural engineer implemented used concrete slabs in the project whilebuilding physics assessed the technical properties of the building envelope. 

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