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Jukka Pekka

Jukka-Pekka Pitkänen

Global Division Director, Smart Mobility
T: +358 40 738 4190

Tommi Eskelinen

Spearhead Director, Smart Mobility, Finland
T: +358 40 5016029

Imagine having an app that combines all available transport options, such as taxis, public transport, cars and even bike share, into a single mobile service.

With the Whim app, consumers can do exactly that, purchasing the exact services they need either as a one-off or on a subscription basis.

Whim is part of MaaS Global, a Finish company that integrates different modes of transport, both public and private, in a concept known as Mobility as a Service or MaaS.

By allowing users to purchase the precise mobility services they need, MaaS aims to provide an alternative to owning a car and enable, easy and sustainable mobility. MaaS combines the use of technology with existing transport and infrastructure so it’s easy for cities and more importantly, the people who live there, to adapt and implement.

Ramboll has been instrumental in the early success of MaaS, preparing business plans and providing extensive planning expertise, a vital element of the MaaS concept.

This effort has paid off handsomely in Helsinki where more that 70 percent of Whim users now travel by public transport. And MaaS has launched in several cities in Europe this year, including Birmingham and Antwerp. The aim is to operate in 60 countries or 100 cities in five years.

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