Mosambique: Creating safe water access

Creating safe water access on a voluntary basis

Creating safe water access on a voluntary basis


Ole Torp Aundal

Ole Torp Aundal

Project Engineer
T: +45 5161 8632

Johanna Ardland Bojvall

Senior Consultant
T: +46 (10) 615 63 40

Dedicated employees in Ramboll’s global water division use their competence to help marginalized people get safe water access in their free time. Meet Johanna and Ole from Ramboll Water.

Many of the water-related projects carried out by Ramboll support the Sustainable Development Goal 6 of getting safe water for all by 2030. However, several of Ramboll’s water consultants also work hard outside in their free time to help marginalized people around the world cope with critical water issues.

Take for instance Johanna Ardland Bojvall from Sweden. Two times – in 2016 and 2017 - she went to Tanzania to help the humanitarian organisation ECONEF build a brand-new orphanage for children where of many have HIV.

“The goal was to build a self-sufficient facility for around 30 marginalized children. The project includes a sustainable toilet and grey water system that, for instance, uses septic tank contents for fertilizing and irrigation of bananas, papayas and other crops in the beautiful and important kitchen garden,” she explains.

No alternatives

The orphanage was inaugurated last year, and all installations in the impressive building work as they should. The project was initiated together with Architects Without Frontiers and has received support from the Ramboll FoundationEngineers Without Borders and other humanitarian organizations.

“Working on this project was an experience for life. The general conditions for marginalized people in a country like Tanzania are pretty rough, and the alternatives to the new orphanage are definitively not attractive, to say it in a nice way,” Johanna points out.

The importance of raising awareness

Ole Torp Aundal is another dedicated water volunteer from Ramboll. In 1987 he helped establish the water supply for the first SOS Children’s Village in Mozambique and has since then supported a range of similar projects, mainly in third-world countries.

“If the world is to succeed and meet the sustainable development goal of getting water for all by 2030, we need to focus equally on the physical constructions and human learning and education. It is extremely important that we help people in communities with many marginalized people get more aware on how to maintain and improve the facilities and thereby reduce the dependency on competence from more developed parts in the world,” he says.

Just like Johanna, Ole has recently put a lot of effort in improving water facilities at an orphanage. This orphanage is situated at Zanzibar, Tanzania, and the focus is now on educating the staff in how to maintain and further develop the implemented systems.

In total, Ole spends more than a month each year on voluntary work. It can be hard sometimes, but as he states:

“The world really needs help, and when you see that your effort actually matters, it is impossible to stop again.”

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