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Per Hammarström

Area Manager, Civil Engineering
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The New Karolinska Solna is one of the world’s biggest and most ambitious hospital projects. When the hospital is complete in 2016/2017 it will offer highly qualified specialist care and a world-class research environment. An important mission is to enhance integration between healthcare, research and education. Rapid knowledge transfer between research and healthcare is to be achieved by – among other things – concentration and joint use of resources and skills, which makes great demands of how the buildings are planned and designed.

Ramboll has been involved in the project from an early stage, initially in preliminary studies into the possibility of building a new hospital and subsequently in the preparation of tender documents and in reviewing the documents received. Ramboll has now been commissioned by Skanska Healthcare, responsible for the design and the building process for the New Karolinska Solna, to carry out project planning of the building structures. Ramboll has design responsibility for the entire hospital building and the research building, as well as for 8 radiation therapy rooms – just over 75% of the project’s total building structures.

“Demands of flexibility and robustness are very high, which presents us with interesting challenges,” says Per Hammarström, Ramboll’s project manager. “The technical equipment in modern hospitals is extremely sensitive to vibrations, for example – and since all the spaces in the building have to be suitable for multiple uses, the vibration requirements are very high for the whole structure.”

Stockholm County Council has also stated that the New Karolinska Solna must be executed as a BIM project. Ramboll’s tasks have therefore included a significant amount of work on coordination between the various parties in the project, as well as on how different design programs and other software can be integrated.

Key facts:
Gross area (GFA) 320,000 m²
10 700 rooms in total
36 operating theatres
8 radiation therapy rooms

More images and information can be seen on the Skanska project page

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